10 Common Mistakes – New to Makeup

Makeup is tricky and there are plenty of opportunities to make mistakes. Let’s have a look at some common mistakes and how to avoid them.

1.The wrong shade of foundation
Foundation should match your skin, it’s not a fake tan and it’s not something you should use to ‘lighten up’ either. If your face is a radically different colour than the rest of you, there’s something wrong with your foundation. If you are struggling, here’s a video by Lisa Eldridge that gives you some solid advice on how to find the right shade.


2. Matte chapped lips
If you use liquid lipstick that dries matte, or use a matte liquid lipstick, chances are every single flaw on your lips will be visible within an hour or two. If you really want to have matte lips, make sure you exfoliate and moisturise your lips on a regular basis. If you’re still struggling, skip the matte lip and opt for a cream or balm based product that helps hydrate your lips throughout the day.

3. Skipping skincare
Just like with the point above, this will show in a few hours. Makeup has a tendency to crawl into cracks and highlight any dryness in a most unflattering way. Even if you don’t want to go into a full skin care routine, use moisturiser on days when you wear foundation. Let it be absorbed into your skin before you apply foundation, so leave a few minutes between skincare and makeup application.

4. Too much bronzer
The single fastest way to ruin a good look is to apply too much bronzer. I’d advice using bronzer in the first place, especially if you’re new to makeup. If you do want to use a bronzer, use it correctly. It is not a setting powder, it’s not meant to go all over your face.

5. Bleeding lipstick
This is not always due to the fault of the person wearing it, you can apply it perfectly, and the wrong product will still bleed. Make sure to use a good quality lipstick that stays in place, this might require some trial and error with different products to find what works for you. I’d recommend the lipsticks from Bèsame if you want a high quality lipstick for about 20 dollars. There are some tricks you can use to prevent lipstick from crawling up into any fine lines around your mouth. Use an eye primer, preferably an anti ageing one, and apply it very very lightly over your skin makeup around your lips. Use a lip liner and apply lipstick with a lip brush. If you have a good quality product, you shouldn’t have to do anything beyond applying the lipstick.

6. Using expired makeup
If a product has previously worked wonderfully but then starts causing trouble, chances are it’s too old. Makeup expires sooner than a lot of people think, you’re meant to replace your mascara 3-4 times per year. A good way to tell with mascaras is if they begin to smell weirdly.

7. Using dirty tools
Getting a lot more breakouts than you used to? Have you cleaned your brushes lately? You’re technically meant to clean your brushes after every use, but I personally don’t know anyone who has the time to do that unless they’re a professional makeup artist. Use a brush cleaning spray every now and then and try to find the time to clean them properly sometimes. Sponges make fine homes for bacteria to grow in, buy them cheaply and just throw them out when they’ve seen enough use if you know you’ll never get around to cleaning them. Learn to apply foundation with your fingers, it’s a lot quicker and easier to wash your hands than it is to clean brushes.

8. Forgetting texture
This is one of many reasons why I find the whole “baking” trend outright stupid. The more textures and layers you apply, the higher the chance that they’re going to react badly with each other. It might look good when you first apply it, but then add some hours, some oil, some weather conditions, temperature changes, sweat, etc. It ends up looking like a grainy, oily mess. Aim for fewer products but with high quality and longevity, they’ll look good long after you’ve put it on Instagram.

9. Copying
Yes, it’s the greatest form of flattery but if you copy someone else’s look without adapting it for your skin and bone structure, it’s going to look odd. This also includes using products that look good on another person but just isn’t the right shade for you. This happens every time a specific lipstick or blush goes popular and gets a lot of hype. When seeing a great look on someone and trying to replicate it, always ask yourself what kind of adaptions you need to make to get the best result.

10. Skin gap
Winged eyeliner is really popular, and sure it’s a cool look. What immediately ruins this look is the white line that sometimes appears between the eyeliner and the lashes. Before you start the actual wings & lines, put a line of dots along your upper lash line, even go into the lash line if you need to. This enables you to truly reach down into the lashes themselves and minimises the risk of that white line appearing. The paler your skin is, the more noticeable that line will be, hence why I call it a white line.



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