One of my current projects is to use up makeup I have, mainly because I have a tendency to hoard things. I’ve hoarded everything from notepads to nail polishes, and currently it’s makeup. So yeah, trying to not let my makeup drawers overflow.

Among the things I’ve recently finished, you’ll find these foundations. The Etude House foundation is one of my favourite foundations and I’ll probably repurchase it later. The Chanel one was lovely in many ways but lacked longevity, which is kinda important in a foundation.

I’ve also finished the pomegranate sheet mask I got from Sephora and while it felt good on my skin it simply smelled rank. I have tons of sheet masks to get through, so I won’t be repurchasing that one.

One of my facial scrubs has also been chucked out. It’s the espresso scrub from TonyMoly that I’ve mentioned on here several times. I think the product might sadly have been discontinued, which is a shame because I really liked it. So instead I’m starting on a black sugar mask from SkinFood.

Within the next day or two, I’ll be finishing a hand creme from The Saem. It’s in the shape and scent of a mangosten and it’s really adorable. It’s a good hand creme and although this specific brand is quite difficult to find in Australia, TonyMoly has a very similar range of hand cremes that also come in fruit shaped tubs and scents.


It’s been kinda difficult to try new makeup or even wear reliable products for a few days now. We’ve had a heat and humidity wave, it’s been like walking around in a greenhouse. Walk three minutes to the pub? Covered in sweat. So yeah, I didn’t think it was fair to test out any new products or try any new looks when it’s so hot that my foundation barely attaches to my face.


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