TonyMoly’s Aqua Aura Cooling Cushion


This has got to be one of the weirdest makeup items I own. This is what you get if you combine aerosol and a cushion foundation. This is a CC creme from TonyMoly with spf 50+.

I bought it at W Cosmetics and went with the lightest shade of the two they had available. I’ve only used it once or twice and since the results were.. ambivalent in some aspects, I’m not writing a full review of the product.

What caught my interest about this is that the product is cooled. You shake the bottle and press down to get the product to spread throughout the sponge. When you then press it against your face, the product is cold. Outright ice old. On annoyingly hot/humid days, it is heaven. It’s also good for reducing puffiness around the eyes.

The sponge is easy to use. The one downside is that the product dries very quickly, so you need to speed blend. When you do that successfully, it looks great. When you don’t, it looks horrible.

This is an interesting product and I’m mentioning it here because anything cooling is probably of great interest to my Australian readers.




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