The Most Annoying Aspects of Buying Makeup Online

wpid-20151109_130909.jpgWhen you live in a part of the world a lot of companies simply don’t have stores in, you inevitably end up turning to online options for your makeup needs. As convenient as this method of shopping sometimes is, there’s a fair amount of annoyance often involved in online retail therapy.

  1. Shipping
    Ok, this is hardly a surprise to anyone, but if you live in a remote part of the world (like, Australia), chances are you’ve had to sell a kidney to pay for shipping. Thankfully, more and more businesses are starting to offer “Free international shipping when you spend x or more”.
  2. No Shipping
    I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve gotten excited about a product or company, put some items in my virtual basket, and headed for the checkout only to find that they don’t ship to Australia. Or that the company does ship to Australia but can’t send certain products like scents or polishes because the products contain alcohol. Cue the sound of heartbreak.
  3. Discolouration
    It is incredibly hard to truly capture certain colours in photos. Especially if you don’t do swatches. Sadly this has the consequence that sometimes a product arrives and simply does not look like you expected it to. My most recent experience with this was a Zoeva lipstick in the shade Melting Kisses that looks nothing like the colour on the website, it’s to the point where I’m wondering if the label is lying to me and I’ve been sent the wrong colour by mistake…
  4. Excessive Packaging
    It’s not easy to find a good balance when it comes to guaranteeing the safety of the product and making it possible to open. I recently ordered four items: shoes, a dress, and two small makeup items. It was sent in a satchel for the dress (delivered independently) and a big cardboard box for the other items. 60% of the contents of the box were bubble wrap. I also ordered something from Sephora recently and one of the brushes was not only wrapped in bubble wrap, but also has this casing on it. That casing is covered in a layer of plastic that I cannot get rid of. It should not be a major project to unpack minor things.

Makeup I Buy Even When I Shouldn’t


It is only the last two years that I’ve started buying makeup just for fun. I’ve always enjoyed wearing makeup and I’ve always liked good quality products, I just wasn’t too keen on spending a lot of money or stepping out of my comfort zone.

These days I sometimes take things too far in the other direction and spend too much on products I don’t end up using. So, here’s a list of the type of things I buy even though I know I won’t use them.
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First Impression: Maybelline’s Lip Studio Color Blur

20160522_160917.jpgIt is not often I get excited about a new type of product to the point where I don’t wait long enough for a complete review before talking about them. Here’s the thing though, the other day I managed to drag myself to the grocery store and ended up in the makeup aisle.

Despite not having planned to purchase anything, one product caught my interest. This lovely little thing from Maybelline.

I wasn’t wearing any other makeup on the day that I bought it and ended up absentmindedly applying it while cooking. This is a photo taken after dinner and a nap.

So what is this product? Well, from what I can tell it is meant to be used as a Korean style stain or tint. However, upon noticing how pigmented it was, I applied it over the entire lip. Similar to the flipsticks from Max Factor, this product has two ends. One that contains the actual product and another that is used to ensure that the blur effect is achieved. I found that the second end works really well for working the product into your lips to the point where you can barely feel that you’re wearing anything. It is apparently called an elastomer smudger.

The shade I’ve got is called 25 Cherry Cherry Bang Bang and the product apparently comes in 8 different shades. It settles and turns into a matte colour that is more flattering than those ultra matte shades that make it look like your lips are made of sand paper.

This is drugstore innovation at its best and it is a great option for anyone who prefers lightweight makeup and wants to bring a bit of colour into their look without it becoming overpowering. It is also quite cheap and I think I paid 12 or 13 AUD for mine.

Why I Play Political Video Games


I grew up in one of the least exciting places on this planet. Do you like faded trees and muddy fields all covered in a sheet of air that is impossibly grey? A significant lack of other human beings? Zero possibilities to pursue hobbies that required other people or transportation? All wrapped in a damp cold that seeps into your lungs and bones and never ever leaves? In that case I can point you in the right direction…

In order to get some variation and excitement, I turned to fiction in all its forms. I read like a girl possessed for a while but my favourite means of escapism has always been video games. See, books allow for your own imagination to fill in the blanks. Video games bring you a whole world created by someone else and you can modify it if you want to, but it remains entirely independent from you.

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Review: Kat Von D’s Studded Kiss Lipstick


I’m waiting for my new phone to arrive, so sorry about the poor quality of the photo. It’s a rich red shade with a golden shimmer.

Brand: Kat Von D
Product: Studded Kiss Lipstick
Shade: Adora
Price: 31 AUD
Available from Sephora

First impression: I’ve been looking for a red with golden shimmers and thus I was super excited when I came across Adora. I’d also been really keen to try some Kat von D products since they’re not too easy to come across in Australia. It has a nice feeling when you apply it and it falls somewhere in between a satin and a matte finish. It’s a very flattering shade that will suit a lot of people. It has a light scent that is rather sweet and reminds me of cake fondant.Read More »

Current Favourites: May

20160501_090725.jpgYup, my phone’s camera is broken. Cracked when I dropped it, so the light & focus are kinda messed up.

However, I thought it worth sharing some of my current favourite products with you guys. Some of the classics aren’t included since there’s only so many times I can recommend specific products before it gets repetitive.

Let’s start with skincare and similar items. Only two current favourites when it comes to this section. Firstly, Geek Chic Cosmetics’ Buffalo Bill’s Skin Conditioning Lotion, which smells outright divine. It’s also quite effective. Geek Chic Cosmetics are currently working on updating their stock/presenting new products, so I’d keep an eye on their website over the next week or so.
Secondly, we have The Body Shop’s Grapeseed Glossing Serum, which is a leave in conditioning treatment for your hair. Since my hair is currently a bit damaged after having sections bleaches, I do need something to keep the frizz at bay. This does the trick.

In the makeup section, we have five products.
Guerlain’s Parure de Lumiere in 02 Beige Clair, which I’ve previously reviewed on this site. It’s my go to foundation at the moment and I’m really happy with it, works best when applied with brushes.┬áThen, there’s Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara which is an absolute powerhouse when layered over another mascara. It’s decent on its own too, but it’s fantastic when you layer it. Thirdly, there’s a lipstick from The Body Shop that I’ve been using a lot lately. It’s a classic creamy red that feels wonderful on your lips. It’s from their Colour Crush line and the colour has the number 101 if I’ve read the packaging correctly.
Fourthly, we’ve got Rimmel’s Lasting Finish lipstick line, especially the shade 016 Heart Breaker. I’ve mentioned this on the blog a few times and it’s one of the best drugstore lipsticks I’ve ever used.
Lastly, we’ve got a new cushion! TonyMoly’s BCDation cushion with SPF 50 and PA +++. I’ve got the shade 02 and it’s still slightly too pale for me (Korean skin makeup is often one shade lighter than your actual skin tone), but it will look great once winter really gets going and my ran disappears.