Review: Kat Von D’s Studded Kiss Lipstick


I’m waiting for my new phone to arrive, so sorry about the poor quality of the photo. It’s a rich red shade with a golden shimmer.

Brand: Kat Von D
Product: Studded Kiss Lipstick
Shade: Adora
Price: 31 AUD
Available from Sephora

First impression: I’ve been looking for a red with golden shimmers and thus I was super excited when I came across Adora. I’d also been really keen to try some Kat von D products since they’re not too easy to come across in Australia. It has a nice feeling when you apply it and it falls somewhere in between a satin and a matte finish. It’s a very flattering shade that will suit a lot of people. It has a light scent that is rather sweet and reminds me of cake fondant.

Packaging: It is a bit bulky for a lipstick and it doesn’t contain that much product. However, it does hold together nicely and I never have to worry about it opening inside my bag. At least not until this very moment when I reached down to grab it and found that it had indeed opened up in my handbag… The studs on the packaging are rounded enough to where they don’t pose a problem.

Usage: It’s really easy to apply and work with, no complaints there. However, and this is a big however, it does not last. This product clings to anything that comes into contact with your lips and even just having a cup of coffee poses a serious challenge for this product.

Value for money: The colour is lovely, but for 31 dollars I expect a lipstick that lasts. I can’t recommend this product for anything other than a photo shoot. It’s a shame because it looks so beautiful when you first apply it and it’s such a rare colour that I really wanted it to work. This formula needs some serious R&D before it is up to par with other lipsticks in the same category. If you’re looking for something that is similar in style, I’d probably recommend having a look at Bèsame’s red shades even though you’ll lose out on the golden shimmer.


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