12 Retro Style Outerwear Items

It’s getting cold and Game of Thrones Quotes are being thrown around again.

Translating a retro style into a winter friendly one is never easy, but way to do it is to invest in a good winter coat. Since winter coats are typically rather expensive, it’s typically a good idea to invest in one that will last a few years.

H&M typically offers clothing for a cheap-ish price that is of a decent quality. If you’re into classical trench coats then you might be interested in this one for 70AUD. If you want something more unusual, then a cape might be a way to change things up. For a more elegant version that would be great for events, they have a white cape with a faux fur coat. Personally, I adore this type of coat due to its simple design and timeless look. Mine is in a dark green colour, but the grey one on the website is pretty neat too. If you want a more modern look, this leather mix jacket might be a good choice.

Target is an easily available store to turn to and I find they sometimes have some really nice items. If you’re of a petite frame, this Wine coloured trench style coat might be of interest. From Target’s Belle Curve line, there’s a simple waterfall coat that I find quite stylish and for 50AUD it’s really affordable. Longline style coats seem to be really common this winter and they would look great over a wiggle dress.

Modcloth is moving towards the US summer season, but there’s still a few options available. If you want to bring a bit of colour into your winter wear, this cute coat with floral details might be just what you’re looking for. If you want to bring in that vintage blueish green, then this is probably your best bet. If polka dots are your thing, this is a cute vintage style option. If you wear plus sized coats, then this coat that is currently on sale might be a really cute option.


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