First Impression: Maybelline’s Lip Studio Color Blur

20160522_160917.jpgIt is not often I get excited about a new type of product to the point where I don’t wait long enough for a complete review before talking about them. Here’s the thing though, the other day I managed to drag myself to the grocery store and ended up in the makeup aisle.

Despite not having planned to purchase anything, one product caught my interest. This lovely little thing from Maybelline.

I wasn’t wearing any other makeup on the day that I bought it and ended up absentmindedly applying it while cooking. This is a photo taken after dinner and a nap.

So what is this product? Well, from what I can tell it is meant to be used as a Korean style stain or tint. However, upon noticing how pigmented it was, I applied it over the entire lip. Similar to the flipsticks from Max Factor, this product has two ends. One that contains the actual product and another that is used to ensure that the blur effect is achieved. I found that the second end works really well for working the product into your lips to the point where you can barely feel that you’re wearing anything. It is apparently called an elastomer smudger.

The shade I’ve got is called 25 Cherry Cherry Bang Bang and the product apparently comes in 8 different shades. It settles and turns into a matte colour that is more flattering than those ultra matte shades that make it look like your lips are made of sand paper.

This is drugstore innovation at its best and it is a great option for anyone who prefers lightweight makeup and wants to bring a bit of colour into their look without it becoming overpowering. It is also quite cheap and I think I paid 12 or 13 AUD for mine.


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