Makeup I Buy Even When I Shouldn’t


It is only the last two years that I’ve started buying makeup just for fun. I’ve always enjoyed wearing makeup and I’ve always liked good quality products, I just wasn’t too keen on spending a lot of money or stepping out of my comfort zone.

These days I sometimes take things too far in the other direction and spend too much on products I don’t end up using. So, here’s a list of the type of things I buy even though I know I won’t use them.

  1. Eyeshadow palettes
    I don’t wear eyeshadow on a daily basis and when I do, it’s typically a neutral lightly smokey eye. This does not prevent me from purchasing eyeshadow palettes as if I were collecting them. I don’t know why, it’s like I go “that would be so pretty on someone” and forget that not all colours look good on me or work with my eye shape.
  2. Nail Polish
    This used to be more of a thing than it is today, but I still own at least 40 bottles of nail polish. I used to be quite… dedicated to painting my nails and always found it quite relaxing. This semester I think I’ve painted my nails twice.
  3. Sheet masks
    They’re cheap, they’re varied, and by the gods are they tempting. Out of all the things I buy and never end up using, this is the cheapest one. It’s also really easy to keep a stash of them and use that whenever you’ve forgotten someone’s birthday or something. “Look, here’s a bundle of 10 sheet masks, clearly I remembered your birthday!”
  4. Lipsticks
    I was on the fence about putting this one on the list. I do wear lipstick almost very day and I try to use the ones I buy. The thing is, I pretty much only wear red and berry tones on a daily basis. This does not prevent me from having at least two shades of blue lipstick, two gold ones, and a few greens. I buy them, try them, and leave them alone.
  5. Hand cremes
    I don’t know why, but I’m pretty bad at using hand cremes despite having the best intentions. The idea is to keep one on my bedside table but I usually end up having so many random things there that I simply don’t have room for my hand cremes. So they go into storage and never come out.

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