The Most Annoying Aspects of Buying Makeup Online

wpid-20151109_130909.jpgWhen you live in a part of the world a lot of companies simply don’t have stores in, you inevitably end up turning to online options for your makeup needs. As convenient as this method of shopping sometimes is, there’s a fair amount of annoyance often involved in online retail therapy.

  1. Shipping
    Ok, this is hardly a surprise to anyone, but if you live in a remote part of the world (like, Australia), chances are you’ve had to sell a kidney to pay for shipping. Thankfully, more and more businesses are starting to offer “Free international shipping when you spend x or more”.
  2. No Shipping
    I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve gotten excited about a product or company, put some items in my virtual basket, and headed for the checkout only to find that they don’t ship to Australia. Or that the company does ship to Australia but can’t send certain products like scents or polishes because the products contain alcohol. Cue the sound of heartbreak.
  3. Discolouration
    It is incredibly hard to truly capture certain colours in photos. Especially if you don’t do swatches. Sadly this has the consequence that sometimes a product arrives and simply does not look like you expected it to. My most recent experience with this was a Zoeva lipstick in the shade Melting Kisses that looks nothing like the colour on the website, it’s to the point where I’m wondering if the label is lying to me and I’ve been sent the wrong colour by mistake…
  4. Excessive Packaging
    It’s not easy to find a good balance when it comes to guaranteeing the safety of the product and making it possible to open. I recently ordered four items: shoes, a dress, and two small makeup items. It was sent in a satchel for the dress (delivered independently) and a big cardboard box for the other items. 60% of the contents of the box were bubble wrap. I also ordered something from Sephora recently and one of the brushes was not only wrapped in bubble wrap, but also has this casing on it. That casing is covered in a layer of plastic that I cannot get rid of. It should not be a major project to unpack minor things.

2 thoughts on “The Most Annoying Aspects of Buying Makeup Online

  1. I completely agree with everything your said and I always prefer to buy my makeup in store! You know you’ll like it and it’s more special because you don’t have to wait for it! Thanks for sharing!

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