Vintage Friendly Beauty Tips For Mature Women

One of the most common style myths is that individuality stops after 40. That we have 25 years at most to experiment before we ‘settle down’ style wise. I personally consider this to be utter nonsense. Let us have a look at some looks that are vintage friendly and made for mature women.

Not all of us can be Jessica Lange, but it never hurts to look to her for inspiration.

The look seen above comes from a show set in the 1950’s and it is a classic. It is tasteful and elegant without becoming too heavy.


  1. Modify your products
    As our skin ages, it tends to change in unpredictable ways. By adjusting the products you use to suit your skin, you’re likely to see better results. The first thing I’d consider is a more lightweight foundation as heavy foundations tend to gather in fine lines and ends up highlighting them after a few hours.

  2. Colour selection
    The weirdest myth of all is that older women need to abandon colour. This is utter nonsense, however, you might need to adjust the colours you wear. The skin tends to change not only in texture but also in colour as we age, meaning that things that previously matched perfectly might no longer be what you need. A classic red lip is truly timeless and there is no reason why women should have to give it up.
  3. Smokey over sharp
    The razor sharp winged eyeliner is a staple of modern pinup looks. However, winged eyeliner is quite fickle, especially the liquid kind. What tends to happen is that liquid eyeliner crawls into any fine lines and spreads in a feathered pattern. Using primers and setting the eyeliner can help minimise this. The next step is to transition from liquid to gel as it gives a very similar result but is easier to control due to the firmer texture. If this too fails, pencils are an option. Pencils tend to offer less control than brushes and it is sometimes difficult to distribute the product evenly. If pencils don’t work out, there’s another option. Eyeshadow. Applied wet or dry, really dark eyeshadow along the lash line gives a very similar look to eyeliner but never looks cakey. Going for a light smoked eye also helps protect against eye products that feather.

  4. Hair
    If you want to see a woman with truly amazing hair, look up the model Eveline Hall. At no point is her hair boring or dull. In fact, most of the women featured in this post tends to have amazing hair. I’d also advise you to look up Angela Basset if you’re interested in looks that work for darker skinned women. Our hair tends to become a bit thinner and more fragile as we age, which is why I’d advise turning away from heat styling and teasing as those styling methods are incredibly harsh. For shorter hair, pincurls still look great and on longer hair I’d recommend using cold overnight curling methods. Yes, this is advice I give people of all ages, but the more fragile your hair is, the more important it is to be gentle with it. There’s also no reason why you should have to be limited to ashen colours as you age. My grandmother, who is above 80, still colours her hair red/auburn and looks fierce with it. It is again about adjusting the colour to work with the changing colours of your skin.

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