Character Creator: Aela the Huntress (Skyrim)


Skyrim has an endless lineup of side characters and one of the ones who truly managed to stand out is Aela the Huntress. She’s a Nord and a core member of The Companions, a brotherhood of warriors that the player character encounters early on in the game. If you play your cards right, Aela can become your companion or even spouse. She’s highly skilled in Archery and is mechanically in the Thief class. Aela is a strong and honourable character who clings to her beliefs no matter what. In that regard one should perhaps say that her honourable side is subject to debate.

The look.
I kept the base simple, using only a tinted powder and a clear lip balm before starting on the more colourful aspects of the makeup. For a more authentic look, use a balm that’s lighter than your skin colour or has a silver undertone to it.

This look required the use of eight different eyeshadows. Eight.

For the eyes, I used BH Cosmetics’ Galaxy Chic palette and the Wicked Dreams palette from NYX. Firstly, I applied the shade Venus over the entire lid and around the eye, drawing it out to create a reddened look. I then went over the same area with the shades Jupiter, Sun, and Aphrodite to be able to manipulate the shade into something a bit less bright. Then I applied Stila’s waterproof stay all day liquid eyeliner along the upper lash line and the lower lash line, bringing the lines together in the corner of my eye. I then used the black (unnamed) shade from NYX’s Wicked Dreams to set the eyeliner, since I have hooded eyes, I applied that shade all over my eyelid to create a more deep-set look.

The green stripes on Aela’s face were pretty difficult to replicate. The main issue is that your nose will look ridiculous from one side since that side is entirely covered in green. To create the stripes, I started out by using the shade Gossip from Concrete Minerals. Start out with the lightest shade since that’s easier to adjust and remove if needed. I then went back in with the shades Thrash and Troublemaker to darken the striped to a more accurate representation of Aela’s look. Make sure that the stripes are imperfect as they’re meant to be more along the lines of camouflage makeup than makeup done for style reasons. If you’re doing this as a cosplay, I’d strongly recommend using an eyeshadow primer under the stripes to make the colours a bit deeper.


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