Makeup Shopping Struggles

Although it’s a fun hobby, it is not without its struggles. Yes, sometimes this blog talks about serious stuff and sometimes it features silly lists.

  • wpid-20150815_111530.jpgDeciding which of the many Priceline’s, few Meccas, or barely there Sephora stores to visit. Or if you should take a risk with a department store.
  • Oooh a new really cool limited edition palette? Would be a shame if it sold out within minutes…
  • Testers will inevitably be smeared all over, especially if you’re looking at lipsticks.
  • The area that holds the testers will not be cleaned anywhere near often enough.
  • Elusive makeup wipes tend to hide in the centre of the store or be locked in a drawer. Asking staff for them is always awkward, so chances are you’ll be walking around with swatches on the back of your hand for quite a while.
  • Salespersons show up when you don’t need them and go missing when you do need them.
  • Someone trying to sell you an eyeshadow with the argument “it’s gluten free”. Gluten is only harmful for coeliacs who eat it. I don’t know what annoys me the most, that they assume that I don’t know how gluten works, or that they assume I might eat eyeshadow.
  • Inevitably forgetting the name of the shade you intended to buy. The solution is naturally either to buy a few different ones or stand there trying to remember the name. You most likely end up quietly listing the names of Santa’s Reindeers under your breath.
  • Trying to decide if you really do need another lipstick.
  • Feeling judged when you aren’t into a current trend. Matte lipsticks. Baking. Eyebrow products… The reaction you get tends to be the same as if you’d said there’s four Tuesdays in a week.
  • Quietly hoping no one judges the slightly patchy foundation you put on in a rush this morning.
  • Trying to find a matching foundation.
  • Looking at contouring charts and thinking “hell, I don’t even know if my face is round or square”.
  • Trying to fool yourself into thinking that you “save money” on sales after you’ve bought products you’ll probably never use.
  • If you go into the store to buy one single product, you bet it will be out of stock.
  • Yes, of course I have a loyalty card. Somewhere.
  • Overindulging in Soap & Glory purchases at Mecca because it’s one of the cheaper brands and oh so good. And there went 200 dollars.
  • Failing to estimate if you’ll buy enough products to need a basket at all. If you go “yeah nah, I’ll be fine”, you won’t be fine. You should have grabbed a basket.
  • The products on sale are brilliant, but never in a shade that matches you.
  • If it’s a special event, there will be hoards of people. They’ll grab anything they might have the tiniest interest in, sit down in the aisle and sort everything they grabbed. The things they don’t want will be discarded in random places. You’re wondering if you should join them or try to keep your dignity.
  • “This will be the last time I buy new makeup for at least six months!”. Try three weeks.
  • Suddenly wondering how far away your next pay day is.

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