B.O.M.B. Challenge


I’m always interested in challenges that haven’t been done to death and I recently stumbled upon this one. B.O.M.B. stands for Black Owned Makeup Brands and it’s pretty much what it sounds like. The aim is to complete a full look using only products from black owned brands. I decided to give it a go and spent a healthy sum on cosmetics from Sacha since it’s a brand that I’ve heard a fair amount about and one that is quite budget friendly.
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Makeup Without Foundation

wp-1471129694670.jpgYou have no idea how difficult it is to try to take a decent selfie in a crowded cafe with weird lights.

Lately, I’ve struggled to get excited about makeup. I’ve barely worn it and when I have, it just felt like an absolute drag. Beyond the usual ‘stressed and overworked’ reasons, it took me a while to pinpoint why this had become a thing.

See, one of the reactions I get to stress is that my skin breaks out. Not massively, but enough to where it’s noticeable if you know what it normally looks like. Late night shifts also make me neglects things like skincare and removing makeup. Applying makeup on skin that isn’t as good as it normally is just feels like an absolute chore. And so I just haven’t.

Today however, I tried a different approach. I decided to skip the two things that make me feel like I’m wearing heavy makeup: foundation & mascara.

I started out by applying concealer under my eyes (less than 6 hours sleep is so much fun) and on my nose (since it tends to look red without it). Beyond that I just did pinpoint concealing on any spots I could find. Skipped the brushes and just used my fingers. As always, the concealer I used was Urban Decay’s Naked Skin in Warm Light. I then used the beige no sebum compact powder from Innisfree and applied it all over to control for shine and slightly even out my skin tone.

I used a lib balm with a slightly pink tint to it from the Face Shop, a classic item that long time readers will have seen around for ages. It’s highly moisturising and brings a hint of colour without becoming too heavy or something you need to worry about staining or transferring.

Lastly, because my eyes tend to disappear completely when I wear a nude lip and a neutral dress colour, I used two shades from the Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar palette. Along the upper lash line, I used the shade Cocoa Chili applied lightly just to add some definition you’d usually get from mascara. On the outer third of the waterline, I applied the shade Hot Fudge to substitute eyeliner.

Overall, this look feels very light, which is what I wanted and the main reason I used mainly powder based products. Not exactly a showstopper, but for a look that skipped out on foundation, I’m really happy with the way my skin looks.