B.O.M.B. Challenge


I’m always interested in challenges that haven’t been done to death and I recently stumbled upon this one. B.O.M.B. stands for Black Owned Makeup Brands and it’s pretty much what it sounds like. The aim is to complete a full look using only products from black owned brands. I decided to give it a go and spent a healthy sum on cosmetics from Sacha since it’s a brand that I’ve heard a fair amount about and one that is quite budget friendly.

It seems it has been incredibly hard for BOMB companies to break through into the mainstream community and I think that’s a shame. There’s several reasons for it and sadly one of them is good ol’ fashioned racism. Turns out there are actually people who avoid makeup if its creators are black, which is something I can’t quite wrap my head around. The more ‘normal’ reason seems to be the misconception that black owned brands exclusively aim for black customers. I have to confess that’s an assumption I’ve made as someone who is ghostly pale, while I’d never hesitate to buy a lipstick from a black owned brand, I’ve always suspected that the foundations would be a bit too dark for me. The third reason is that these brands often aren’t readily available, meaning that customers who normally go to drugstores or places like Mecca are probably never going to hear about them, especially not in Australia.

In total, I used six Sacha products for this look. The Second Skin Foundation in Light Beige, the Matte Face Powder in Nude Beige, the Smokey Eye Kit in Smokey Earth, the Powder Blush in Perfect Wendy, one of their matte lipsticks in the shade Just Red, and the Volumizing Super-Lengethening water resistant mascara.

Hits: I’m quite pleased with the foundation and face powder since I was really nervous about the shade, it’s currently slightly too dark but it will look perfect in Summer. The foundation is rather full coverage which I don’t typically opt for, but it works as long as I apply it lightly. So far they’ve been really comfortable to wear and don’t feel too heavy on my skin. The foundation will last ages simply because it’s quite thick and you only need a tiny amount.
The second thing I’m really happy about is the lipsticks, so far both Just Red and Wine Down have been amazing. They’re really pigmented, comfortable to wear, stay on your lips, and these two shades look amazing on almost every skin tone. Just Red is your classic red lip that is on the matte side but still moisturising, if you’re into shades like Mac’s Ruby Woo or NYX’s Big Cherry then you’re probably going to love Just Red. Wine Down is awesome. It’s semi-matte but metallic. It’s really hard to find good metallic reds and this is one of the few I’ve been happy with. This is similar to the metallic reds from Kat von D, but better in quality. I found that it stayed on really well and looked fresh for several hours despite me having two cups of coffee. I want to challenge these lipsticks a bit more before I give a full review, but so far I’m really impressed.

Meh: In terms of products that I found to be average, I’d have to go with the eyeshadow palette. It’s a perfectly fine palette, but it’s not a standout product. The shadows are pigmented but I found them slightly difficult to blend. The colours are also quite standard, not bad but nothing special either. Perfectly ok product, but nothing I’ll really be recommending people to specifically go out and buy.

Fails: Two fails for two very different reasons. The mascara simply didn’t live up to its name. I didn’t find it very lengthening or volumizing at all. It’s a decent every day mascara if you want a discrete look, but I think you’d get a better result with something like Benefit’s They’re Real. The second fail is not necessarily because the product is bad. The blush and I did not get along. The thing is, when you’re as pale as I am, blushes are dangerous. You need to look for the ones that aren’t very pigmented or you’ll look like a clown. The thing is, this one is the most pigmented blush I’ve ever seen. I suspect it’s a brilliant product for those of you with darker skin since I think this blush would show up on almost any skin tone, it’s just a bit too much for me. I applied it very lightly and it looked like a toddler that played with makeup, applying the matte face powder over it did nothing to calm it down. It took me applying the foundation over the blush to calm it down and you can still see hints of it shine through… Probably a great product for some people, but a disaster for me.

Sacha Cosmetics can be found here.
Approximate prices: Liquid foundation 20 USD, matte face powder 20 USD, Smokey Eye Kit 20 USD, Frosted lipsticks 10 USD, cream lipstick 10USD, Mascara 10 USD, Blush 15 USD.


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