Afterthoughts: mini fitness challenge

So, I made it through this very easy challenge. Yay.
I met my goals every day and only settled for the minimum once, which I’m pretty happy about. One thing I did like about it is that it allows for great flexibility, something that is welcome. Most challenges I’ve seen online have been incredibly rigid and focus more on doing set numbers of things instead of encouraging consistency or improvement.

Knowing I can swim 80 or 90 laps in a day without exhausting myself is really promising considering my end goal is to swim more than 120 laps. It was also helpful in helping me deal with waiting for my final grades and not collapse into a little pile of nerves. The day I had scheduled as my day off after the challenge felt really weird, I walked around with this feeling that I’d forgotten to do something.

I can’t say it has really made me more motivated to exercise than before, but it hasn’t made me less motivated either. I’d say the greatest positive aspect is that I know I’ll be able to reach my goal without having to go into bootcamp mode.


Meet Gerald

wp-1479997673392.jpgThis is Gerald, he lives with me and my flatmate. He’s about two years old or so and belongs to the people who own the place we stay in.

Gerald’s real name isn’t Gerald. According to my flatmate his name is incredibly complicated and sounds like a word that falls somewhere between chardonnay and Scheherazade. She calls him Cat. Being a strong believer in not calling individuals by the name of their species, I’ve convinced her to at least call him Buddy. I call him Gerald. It’s a West Wing reference and I’ll be thrilled if you get it.

Gerald’s favourite activities include getting people to open doors for him, taking his food out of the bowl and putting it on the floor before eating it, and sleeping on your pillow. He hates drinking from a reflective metallic water bowl and has thus been given one of our planetary bowls (the yellow one) for his water needs. Gerald has on occasion picked fights with dogs and cats and he seems to be losing far more often than he wins. On the occasions when Gerald has had his feathers ruffled he has preferred to sleep in my bed, resulting in my mattress having at least one spot of cat blood on it. Whenever Gerald manages to be King of the Hill on my recently cleaned desk, he looks absolutely triumphant.

Furthermore, Gerald thinks that birds are a great mystery. The fact that he’s meant to be a stealth predator continues to elude him. So he just screams at them whenever he sees them. If he does bring things home, it is either road kill or rats that were killed by poison. To Gerald’s great annoyance, we don’t let him eat poisoned rodents. Gerald sometimes forgets that if he climbs from our deck to the balcony that belongs to the people who live above us, he’s too much of a coward to climb down. His solution to this situation is to simply sit and wait until someone opens the door for him so that he can get down the stairs instead. It is Gerald’s firm belief that laptops and laps are there for him to massage with his paws endlessly, this has caused “me” to like a fair few Facebook statuses I had no intention of liking. Thanks, Gerald. Gerald tends to forget that he’s a massive cat and insist on crawling out through the smallest window he can find, even if he has to bring his hips through sideways.

There are a few things Gerald hates. The time when he got his temperature taken was probably one of the worst days of Gerald’s life. He also hates it when someone has the nerve to go to the bathroom without inviting him. Flea powder is most likely a human conspiracy to kill all the fun in the world if you ask Gerald.

In regards to Gerald’s future plans, he intends to teach the neighbour’s kids to socialise without reaching for his tail. He also seems to intend to psychologically manipulate us into only buying him wet food and once went on a four day hunger strike hoping we’d give in. He calmly plots the assassination of The Fluffy Cat who lives in the area, tries to steal Gerald’s turf, and has the gall to sound exactly like Gerald when he meows.

So yeah, this is Gerald and I absolutely adore him.

First impressions: Urban Decay Vice Lipstick

wp-1479955049720.jpgBrand: Urban Decay
Product: Vice Lipstick
Shade: (Sheer) Liar
Purchased from: Mecca
Price: 28 AUD

First impressions: The colour is lovely, perfect for everyday use. Deliberately selected a colour with a brown undertone since they tend to agree with my new hair colour. It feels like a matte lipstick on your lips rather than a sheer one in terms of texture.

Packaging: Extremely annoying. It looks like a shotgun shell and the material is nice, but the problem comes with actually using the product. The main issue is that it’s surprisingly difficult to open. It looks durable, but the design appears to be made to look nice rather than actually be a practical lipstick.

Usage: It was easy to apply and makes for a good option to a nude lip. The lipstick looks great in terms of both texture and colour. It’s very close to my natural lips in terms of colour and that little boost of pigment and texture makes for a very easy look to wear. This is the type of lipstick that can be worn for almost any occasion and easily adapts to whatever makeup look you’re going for. It’s  a bit too dry for me personally, but that’s just personal preference. Exposing it to food/drink seems to make it a bit dry but it still stays on decently. I suspect I’ll have to carry this lipstick around with me if I want it to last a full 8 hours.

Exercise Challenge: Day 3 of 7

Swam 40 laps x 25m breaststroke.
My body was not too keen on the whole idea today and I coaxed myself to the pool with the promise of ‘buying coffee along the way’. As a side note, my shoulders, neck, and head have begun to hurt as a side effect of swimming. Apparently it’s not good to hold your head in a weird angle for well over an hour.

Exercise Challenge: Day 2 out of 7

Currently doing a small exercise challenge. It’s quite simple, exercise at least once per day for 7 days straight. I’ve got set rules in terms of my minimum: 40 laps x 25m swimming or 1 horseback riding class. If I decide to do any other form of exercise, it has to be a minimum of 40 minutes long.

The idea isn’t to become a fitness geek, but to start making exercise a part of my daily routine. I normally exercise 2-4 times per week and have done so for the past two months.

Since you didn’t get an update for day 1, here’s a summary.
Day: Day 1 – Sunday
Duration: 80 minutes.
Form: Horseback riding
Type: Dressage.
Notes: Tried a new horse and thus took it fairly easy as I was trying to get to know her rather than pushing her or my boundaries. Still, even light to moderate exercise makes you sweat in the sauna like climate we put up with yesterday.

Day: Day 2 – Monday
Duration: 2 x 45-50min
Form: Swimming
Type: Breaststroke.
Notes: Swam 44 laps (approx 40-45 minutes in duration) before taking a break due to the pool being invaded by kids and couples. Took a 15-30 minute break before I swam another 46 laps for a total of 90 laps in a 25m pool. My arms hurt, need to be careful so that I don’t spend all of my energy at the start of the challenge.

Tomorrow: more swimming.