Sephora travel haul


I’ve recently started to buy more travel sized products than full sized ones and my recent visit to Sephora shows this. I like to travel lightly and buying or bringing bulky things just doesn’t make sense to me when I need to bring those items on a plane.

I bought for of their capsule body washes, both because it’s a fun way to try new products and because I hate the body wash I brought with me. Already used the one with the cotton flower scent. Yet to be used: blueberry, peony, and lagoon.

I got two capsule sleeping masks and tried the Lagoon one yesterday, my skin really seemed to like it, so quite happy with that purchase. The purple one I’ve yet to try is in Orchid.

Also in the lagoon scent, I got a small hand creme. It seems alright so far, but it’s also difficult for hand cremes to blow you out of the water. For 9 dollars, it seems reasonable.

I’m not sure what brand the deodorant I got is from, but it’s a stick deodorant scented with lavender and vanilla.

In terms of makeup I got a travel sized version of an Estee Lauder Pure Colour lipstick in the shade Envy. I’ve gotten it before but seem to have lost it and decided it was worth repurchasing. I also got a nail & lip set from Kat von D, figured I don’t wear black lipstick often enough to warrant purchasing a fully sized one. Black nail polish is fantastic as a base for glitter polishes, so I’ll probably use that one up quite quickly.

The last item is a set from Marc Jacobs that was one of the rewards items for their loyalty cards. It contains an eyeliner and a mini lipstick. Haven’t tried the eyeliner, but the lipstick is looking very promising. It’s a shade of pink that is really close to my natural lip colour and looks like a more intense version of my lips when worn. I suppose it’s the equivalent of a nude lipstick for me.


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