Travel product review: Korres & Bumble and bumble

wp-1478392950982.jpgMy current obsession with travel sized products is working pretty well for me since it has kept me on spending too much money on products that are low in quality but high in price.  One of these products falls into that category.

Korres and I don’t get along. The last time I tried one of their shampoos, I thought I’d accidentally poured tar onto my scalp. In an attempt to bury the hatchet I bought one of their travel sized body washes to bring with me to Melbourne. It’s not tar and it smells nice. Supposedly it’s inspired by Greek wine or something similar. However, it’s quite drying and leaves a weird feeling on my skin. Sorry Korres, but we’re just not meant to be.

Far more pleasant were the thickening shampoo and conditioner from Bumble and bumble. The conditioner isn’t anything special but it’s quite nicely scented and gets the job done, not something I’d probably buy in a full sized version but I’d consider getting the mini again for another trip.

The shampoo was the true standout of this little combo. There’s just something about how quickly and richly it lathers that screams pure luxury at me. It also got my hair clean, smelled nice, and didn’t give me any weird side effects. The next time I feel like splurging on shampoo, I’ll probably pick up a bigger bottle of this. Hell, I even took an extra shower because I didn’t want to end up wasting the product by throwing it out with too much left in it.

These products are all available from Mecca.


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