First impressions: Urban Decay Vice Lipstick

wp-1479955049720.jpgBrand: Urban Decay
Product: Vice Lipstick
Shade: (Sheer) Liar
Purchased from: Mecca
Price: 28 AUD

First impressions: The colour is lovely, perfect for everyday use. Deliberately selected a colour with a brown undertone since they tend to agree with my new hair colour. It feels like a matte lipstick on your lips rather than a sheer one in terms of texture.

Packaging: Extremely annoying. It looks like a shotgun shell and the material is nice, but the problem comes with actually using the product. The main issue is that it’s surprisingly difficult to open. It looks durable, but the design appears to be made to look nice rather than actually be a practical lipstick.

Usage: It was easy to apply and makes for a good option to a nude lip. The lipstick looks great in terms of both texture and colour. It’s very close to my natural lips in terms of colour and that little boost of pigment and texture makes for a very easy look to wear. This is the type of lipstick that can be worn for almost any occasion and easily adapts to whatever makeup look you’re going for. It’s  a bit too dry for me personally, but that’s just personal preference. Exposing it to food/drink seems to make it a bit dry but it still stays on decently. I suspect I’ll have to carry this lipstick around with me if I want it to last a full 8 hours.


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