Review: NYX BB Creme in 01

Brand: NYX
Product: BB Beauty Balm
Shade: 01 Nude
Available: Target, Priceline
Price: 18.95 AUD at Priceline
Amount: 30 ml
Worn with: Innisfree’s No Sebum Compact tinted powder, Urban Decay’s Naked Concealer.

It’s hardly a secret that I’m a fan of BB cremes, especially during the warmer months. Since most BB cremes I’ve reviewed have been either high end products or Korean, I thought it was time to review a BB creme that is readily available and affordable. Thus, enter NYX. NYX is one of my favourite drugstore brands and often manages to compete with higher end products in regards to quality.

First impressions.
Pros: affordable, easily available, lightweight, and comfortable to wear.
Cons: Only available in three shades with the darkest being “golden”, no SPF.

The NYX BB creme is easy to work with and can be applied with your fingers, sponges, or brushes and still perform well. I personally recommend using clean fingers to apply bb cremes as the heat helps them blend more smoothly. It’s incredibly light on your face and you barely feel like you’re wearing anything at all. Since BB cremes often have very light coverage, I tend to wear them in combination with concealers on any problem areas and a tinted setting powder to ensure lasting coverage. Since this BB creme doesn’t have built in SPF, I’ve sometimes worn it together with a CC creme from TonyMoly with 30SPF and have seen good results with that.

How it wears:
The main issue with this product is that it tends to wear off on my nose. Keep in mind that this is in near tropical conditions with high temperatures and unusually high humidity. This makes me think that the product might not be ideal for those with oily skin and that it would probably be a good match for people with dry skin since the product is rather moisturising. I’ve found that reapplying a layer of setting powder helps bring the look back together after it has been work for a few hours.

Would I recommend this product?
Yes, in some circumstances. If you’re light skinned with either dry or combination skin, I think it’s a good option for you. If you plan on wearing it out on a really hot or sunny day, combine it with a product with SPF both for durability and protection from death rays. It’s not an outstanding product, but it is fairly good and I find myself reaching for it on days when I don’t feel like wearing a lot of makeup. It has a very natural finish that works well for summer.


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