First Impressions: Revlon’s Rum Raisin Lipstick

wp-1480657861165.jpgBrand: Revlon
Product: Super Lustrous Lipstick
Shade: 535 Rum Raisin

Available: most drugstores.

Impressions: I’ve been looking for this shade forever and it seemed like everyone else in South East Queensland were trying to get a hold of it too. Finally found one hiding at my local chemist.

Since I decided to get a new hair colour, I’ve struggled to find lipsticks that look good for everyday use. It’s easy to go full on vamp with a really deep red lip, but it’s not something you’d wear out to breakfast. At least not all the time. This shade was recommended to me for two reasons: firstly, it works really well with auburn hair. Secondly, it is rumoured to be a shade worn by the character Dana Scully in the X Files. Having developed a minor obsession with that show, I simply had to get it.

The shade works really well for me and I’ve previously found Revlon’s formulas to be quite okay. Not expecting this lipstick to be the Holy Grail in disguise, but it seems solid. It feels good on the lips and has a soft scent of mint. So far so good, might return with a full review if I encounter any unexpected issues or benefits.


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