6 Makeup Products That Should Be A Thing

As the new year begins, I find myself searching for upcoming releases in the makeup world and come up with nothing. Apparently MAC are releasing 50 new products and there’s a collaboration between Kat von D and Too Faced, but that seems to be it really. So since reality doesn’t offer up much for the imagination, I thought I’d write about the things I’d like to see.

  1. Red Revival
    It’s no secret that I believe red creamy lipstick to be the best thing ever invented in terms of makeup. What I’d like to see in 2017 is for matte nudes to give way to a classic creamy and moisturising red. I’d love for brands to focus on developing the perfect shade of red and to truly nail the formula.
  2. The Truth is Out There
    So the 1990’s was a thing in 2016 and if we’re going to continue that trend in 2017, then for the love of everything holy can someone please release an X Files eyeshadow palette. I’d love to see what a brand like Kat von D or Urban Decay could come up with. Or heck, I’d love for brands from the indie scene to work with this theme.
  3. Cushion Blushes and Highlighters
    Now that the western brands have finally realised that cushion foundations are kinda good, it would be great to see them expand to blushes and foundations. They are easy to apply in a discrete way and a more controlled option than their contemporary liquid counterparts.
  4. Yooka-Laylee Nail Polish
    Yooka-Laylee is a video game scheduled for release in 2017 and it’s deemed to be the spiritual successor to many of the Rare games that were popular on the N64. With its bright colours and playful design, I think a nail polish collection based on Yooka-Laylee would be a lot of fun for summer.
  5. Guardians of the Galaxy Collection
    One of the most brilliant superhero movies is having its sequel in 2017 and I want an entire collaboration or collection based on it. It would be even better if they included a limited edition foundation in that unique shade of green (that then turned out to be liquid eyeshadow or liquid lipstick IRL), just because it would suit the movie so well.
  6. Perfumes inspired by Moana
    Out of all the Disney movies, I bet the scenery in Moana smells the best. I cannot think of a better inspiration for a series of perfumes to be worn in summer. Fresh ocean mist, coconut, sunshine, sand, and tropical flowers. Naturally it doesn’t have to be a collaboration, but the movie would be a good source of inspiration.

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