“Hitting Pan Challenge” Kinda.

Realising I have a tendency to jump between products without actually finishing them, I decided to revive an old makeup challenge. It’s essentially called “hitting pan” because why not get straight to the point. The idea is to commit to using up as many of your products as possible, or in the case of powder based products, hitting pan.

Thus I’ve decided to create what I call a Priority Bag. Simply a makeup bag in which I keep products I want to use up for one reason or another. I keep it right where I normally do my makeup to encourage me to reach for these products out of convenience.

It’s a mix of skincare and makeup, to encourage me using at least some of it even on days when I don’t plan to wear makeup.

So far I’ve finished the makeup wipes and used the powder foundation and lipstick almost daily. I’ve also been pretty good with using the essence and skincare mini. Additionally, I’ve found that this has encouraged me to use more sheet masks, which my skin has been pretty happy about.

The bag contains everything I need for a complete look but doesn’t lock me into wearing any specific look since I can still switch it up if I want to.

Contents: Innisfree green tea essence, moisturising skin care sample from BareMinerals, NYX eyeshadow palette, primer, and bb creme, Estee Lauder mini lipstick, Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara, an eyeliner from Marc Jacobs, a palette from Sacha cosmetics, a Geek Chic powder foundation, and a setting/no sebum powder from Innisfree. I’ve also thrown in some random samples just to encourage me to try something different.

The photo on the right shows a quick everyday look I put together using the items in the bag.


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