Kat von D’s Serpentina – Swatches & Impressions

I bought this palette a few months ago to broaden my options when it comes to more colourful eyeshadows. I’ve been quite happy with my purchase despite not using the palette that much and was surprised to see that it has gotten mixed reviews. Here are my impressions of it.

Packaging: Bulky but nicely designed. Not a palette you’d travel with, but it comes with a mirror which is always a bonus.

Range: The palette has two matte shadows, six metallic shades, and one metallic pigment. I cannot understand why the pigment isn’t a pressed eyeshadow.

Pigmentation: The metallic shades and the pigment are all quite pigmented and easy to build up. The red matte is a bit meh but can be built up to look good, it’s also one of the few red shades that actually looks red on the skin. The purple shade, Venom, is a different story. Of all the swatches, that’s the one I spent the most time trying to build up and it’s still patchy. It might work well with a primer, but on it’s own it’s nothing to get excited about.

Wearability: I’ve used the bronze/copper toned shade a fair bit as a discrete metallic look just on its own. It’s worked really well and can be turned into more of a statement look if you use a primer. The antique golden shade makes for a really nice accent colour.


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