Collection: Hand Creams


We all have those things we buy too many of and no matter that we actually use the products, we end up having about 10 of them in use at the same time. Hand creams are where I indulge. I use them almost daily, sometimes several times a day and yet I almost never run out of them. This isn’t my complete collection, these are just the ones I could find in my bedroom. To my credit, I haven’t opened the one from Soap and Glory yet. I think I’ve noticed why. I just keep buying them.

Hand creams are some of the cheapest beauty products that still offer excitement and variation. I particularly love the apple shaped hand cream that I have from TonyMoly and have tried other hand creams from their collections before. They’re just perfect to keep on your bedside table for both decoration and usage. I’ve raved about my SkinFood Gummy Bear ones before, so I won’t dive into too much detail here. Beyond those novelty items, my collection is fairly standardised. I’ve got one from Palmers that I use if my hands or elbows feel really rough and it’s super moisturising. It’s particularly good to use overnight as it’s a bit greasy. The one from Sephora is convenient, quite cheap, and smells nice. The Vintage & Co one is probably the one I use the least and I might get rid of it.



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