Upgrading Manicures

I’ve got a passion for nail polish. It’s actually why I started this blog in the first place, hence the name Polished Cryptids. These days, I don’t often have the time to sit down and do my nails. Thus, like so many others, I reserve manicures for when I want to treat myself. Not to mention when I had to cut my nails in a rush and messed up, that’s when I go to a salon. However, I’m incredibly picky when it comes to polish and I am almost never satisfied with the outcome. Salons tend to be airconditioned and when you walk out of them (and live in a humid/hot climate), your polish is likely to start bubbling.

In order to disguise this and any minor smudges, a good old effects polish can be a lifesaver. It also extends the lifetime of the manicure by adding another protective polish.

The first photo shows my manicure shortly after walking out of the salon, if you enlarge it, you can see how the polish has started to bubble. In order to address that issue, I used an effects polish from OPI that contained black particles and larger metallic glitter. Because the regular polish is rather bright and metallic, meaning that a more muted effects polish is a good option that prevents you from blinding people with the sheer shininess of your nails.

The photo featuring the pink nails are based on an at-home manicure. When doing this at home, I typically make sure that the entire nail is covered as opposed to the more limited cover of a salon manicure. This helps the polish stick to the nail longer and minimises the risk of the edges of the base polish catching on something and thus flaking. Due to the weather here, bubbling still happens sometimes but to a lesser extent if you let your manicure dry in the same temperature the entire time. In these instances, playing with texture is a great way to trick the eye into focusing on something other than the small bubbles. That’s why I opted for gold flakes rather than a more traditional glitter polish. This is also a great option if your nails are a bit fragile and you’ve found that glitter polishes are difficult to remove smoothly.

Another option is to skip the glitter, but keep the particles. The photo on the far right shows an effects polish with matte particles that are a good option for hiding minor imperfections. It works great on both metallic and regular polishes.

For smudges, try an effects polish that cracks. You paint it over the entire nail and it then shrinks to create cracks in the nail. When that has dried, add a clear top coat to make the look more polished.


Review: TonyMoly’s Jigglypuff Peach Pact

wp-1490621023746.jpgBrand: TonyMoly
Product: Jigglypuff Peach Compact
Shade: 01
SPF: SPF 42 PA+++
Scent: Mild Peach
Volume: 5g
Other: Pack includes mirror and an application sponge
Price: Approx 10 Aud
Available: MIK Australia

First impressions: This is terribly cute and perfectly geeky. Small compact that is perfect to keep in your bag or at your desk. The applicator sponge is pretty good and the mirror gets the job done. The powder itself has an outline of Jigglypuff in it which I absolutely love.

Packaging: Nothing revolutionary but solid. It doesn’t randomly open up and it’s rather sturdy. Bonus points for matching the Pokemon with the package and not just slapping a sticker on top of the a regular package.

Usage: works best when worn over a bb creme. Removes oiliness and has decent coverage.

Pros: Compact, cute, competent. SPF!

Cons: Only available in two shades that are both very light. You might need to reapply it once or twice during the day.


Would I recommend this? Yeah, if you’re a Pokemon fan or just a fan of cute packaging, then go for it. It’s not a mind-blowing product but it gets the job done and looks good while doing it. Plus, it’s rare to find compact powders for such a low price available to Australian consumers.