Review: Wine Lip Tint from Château Labiotte

Brand: Labiotte
Product: Wine Lip Tint
Shade: RD01 – Shiraz Red
Available: MIK Australia, W2Beauty
Price: 14-15 USD
Note: I actually won this product (and a few others) in a Facebook competition that was open for everyone on W2Beauty’s FB page.

Packaging: If Cersei Lannister had a makeup line, this would be her star product. From what I can tell, all products from Labiotte (also called Château Labiotte) are wine themed. Considering they’ve got mascaras, fragrances, eyeshadows, and lipsticks, that’s quite impressive. Seriously though, this is some of the most awesome packaging I’ve ever come across. It’s lightweight and yet sturdy. Practical and fun.

First Impressions: The applicator is good and easy to use, it has the right amount of precision and the unusual shape of the handle doesn’t have a negative impact on how it controls.  I’ve used this product a handful of times and the colour is gorgeous. It’s a very flattering deep red that could be worn by most people. I can’t help but think this item would be a great conversation starter in any scenario where you’re around people who wear makeup. Or like wine.

Cons: The first time I wore this lip tint it was one of the best tints I’ve ever come across. However, it doesn’t seem like it has the best staying power. It’s on par with some good lip tints, but you’d need to top it up if you wear it on your entire lip as opposed to in a gradient lip.

Pros: Given that the product is really small, it’s easy to carry around in your purse or keep on your desk. That somewhat mitigates the issue of it wearing off throughout the day. The two best aspects of this product are without a doubt the colour and the packaging.

Value for money: Good. It’s not the cheapest lip tint I’ve come across, but it’s really opaque and you only need one layer of product.

Would I recommend it? Yeah, if you’re into lip tints and like fun packaging – then this is the product for you.



Things You Should Know: PTSD

This is probably the 15th draft I’ve made when it comes to posts with this theme. I write them and never post them. I’ve tried writing humorous ones, rambling ones, lists, formal ones, and who knows what else. Yet here I am, giving it another go.

You should know that PTSD does not make me less capable. My PTSD doesn’t run my life, it spends most of the time in the passenger seat criticising my driving. As with so many things, PTSD exists on a spectrum. In general mine is mild. When it flares up, it can be anywhere from ‘really inconvenient’ to ‘how the hell am I still alive?’. But in general, it does not affect my ability to live a productive life.

You should know that PTSD does not make me less intelligent. I have an old Mensa membership card in my possession. I have excelled academically and professionally. I grasp new logical systems fairly easily and can generally read people. I enjoy learning about new things and often take the time to consider things from different perspectives. Sure, I say some pretty stupid things sometimes and don’t fully comprehend the finer philosophical aspects of Donnie Darko, but who the hell does?

You should know that PTSD is not just flashbacks. It’s rare for me to get flashbacks and when I do, it’s mainly physical sensations or emotions that don’t fit with what I’m actually doing. My PTSD specialises in nightmares. I have nightmares maybe 97 percent of the time. They suck and they’re probably even harder to control than flashbacks. I hate sharing rooms with people out of fear I’ll talk in my sleep or wake up crying. I’ve honestly started to focus on lucid dreaming to prevent that type of thing from happening. It makes it easier to wake up in a somewhat controlled manner.

You should know that PTSD sometimes overrides well… me. It usually happens a few times a year, but when the condition is more active, overrides happen more often. This is when the condition jumps over from the passenger seat to the driver’s seat and has a serious case of road rage. My usual self is reduced to that voice you have in the back of your mind that you seldom listen to. It’s really scary when it happens and you’re not in control of what you’re doing. It’s humiliating, degrading, and undignified. This is the part of the condition people often hear about and when they see it in person… Most people don’t understand it. It’s scary and illogical. Sometimes ridiculous. If you do see it happen, realise the other person isn’t really in control right now. Don’t take it personally and walk away. Try talking to the other person a day or two later. Chances are they’ll apologise profusely for their behaviour. This is the time when you need to remember that PTSD is a mental illness and that sometimes it can’t be controlled. Think of it as an epileptic seizure. However, do draw boundaries. PTSD is not an excuse for physical violence or endangering another person. Just be aware that they might say and do things they don’t actually mean or want to say. In some scenarios, they might not actually fully remember what they said or did. It’s a really strange experience and it’s kinda like getting blind drunk. Your normal self knows that this isn’t right, but something else has taken over and makes you make an ass out of yourself.

You should know that PTSD does not automatically equal veteran or sexual assault survivor. These two groups are common among people with PTSD, but they are far from the only reasons why people develop PTSD. Please don’t ask people with PTSD what caused their condition, they’ll probably tell you if they want you to know. Whatever you do, don’t be the asshole who tried to assess if what they went through was ‘traumatic enough’ for PTSD to develop. You’re probably not going to be told everything. Asking someone about what’s very possibly the worst moment in their life is extremely personal. They might even lie because it’s too painful to talk about. It’s also really common to be unable to remember parts of the experience or even the entire thing. There are examples of people who developed PTSD from watching live coverage of 911.

You should know that PTSD is not a sign of weakness. Trauma breaks a lot more people than there are people who develop PTSD. PTSD is like having a wound heal with a scar instead of neatly. It’s not about who breaks and who holds it together, but about how your brain heals after a trauma. You can’t tell mid-trauma who is going to develop PTSD and who is going to be fine.

You should know that PTSD is really bloody complicated.



You Know What Really Grinds My Gears?

Yup, straight up stealing from Family Guy.


  • “Nukular” – it’s nuclear. Nu-clear. And no, it’s not a matter of ‘accent’. You’re pronouncing the bloody word wrong. I bet you also say expresso.
  • Referring to adults as ‘boys’ or ‘girls’ – well at least you’re being honest about being a big man-child. Grow the fuck up. I’m closer to 30 than I am to my teenage years, I’m not a little girl, kindly don’t equate me to a child.
  • “Are you REALLY gluten free?” – I was diagnosed in my late teens after a biopsy and would give anything for a real bowl of pasta. I don’t have to make shit up to feel special and I don’t know why people do lie about this. And no, a gluten free diet won’t benefit you unless there’s a real actual medical reason you need to eliminate it from your diet. And if you put gluten in my food because you think I’m ‘faking it’, then firstly, fuck you. Secondly, it’s not a nut allergy – I’m not going to choke to death. I will have severe stomach issues a few hours later and a fucked up immune system for six months.
  • People who look down on swearing – fuck off.
  • People who haven’t read my research or researched any similar topics/fields trying to explain my own research at me – Darling, your hypothesis didn’t hold up against even minimal testing, that’s why it’s not in the conclusion. Come back when you’ve ACTUALLY done research beyond looking at your own opinions. The theory isn’t flawed or wrong just because it’s not what you wanted it to be.
  • “You can’t loose weight through exercise unless you go on a diet” – Twice in my life I’ve lost decent amounts of weight through exercise while barely changing my diet. You just have to do a lot of it. Typically this is said by people who are trying to lose weight but aren’t succeeding. Go rain on someone else’s parade.
  • “What’s it like to be a woman in geek culture/academia/politics/literally anywhere?” – What exactly are you expecting me to compare it to? My secret life as a dog in which I’ve also tried all these things? Fuck do I know, I’m not a token woman who experiences all womanly things and speak for all women. I’m me, I can tell you a lot about what it’s like to be me. You know, the actual person you’re talking to. I don’t get any secret memos on What It Is Like To Be Female In This Field.
  • If you show cleavage you are trying to find a man – I’m showing cleavage because the outfit I picked that day showed cleavage. My process of clothing selection typically goes: find something somewhat clean, make sure it matches the weather, check if you’re doing anything that day requiring specific clothing, pick the remaining option you like the most. You, or any random men for that matter, are not even in my mind when I pick what to wear.
  • Women who grab other women’s boobs – you’re not excused from committing sexual assault because you’re the same gender as the person you’re grabbing. You’re not entitled to groping people regardless of which gender you are. Consent still bloody matters. Have the courtesy to at least ask for permission.
  • People who don’t indicate.
  • “Why are you so quiet?” – Because I don’t have anything to say right now.
  • “Why do you talk so much?” – Because I have something to say right now.
  • “Clean” eating – people aren’t dirty or eating dirty because they have a burger now and then. You are not cleaner or more pure than they are.
  • Elastane – I’m allergic to it. Can’t wear it. Same thing with lycra/spandex….
  • Early access games – I really just like buying finished products
  • Beige
  • “Your tattoos won’t look good when you’re older” – nor will your un-inked skin. Skin ages, regardless of if it has tattoos or not.