Review: The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker

This is the first time I’ve written a review of a video game on this blog. So why did I decide to write about an FMV game with an inconveniently lengthy title? The answer is honestly that I think the game deserves a whole lot of appreciation and that I thoroughly enjoyed it.

What is it?
The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker is a lovecraftian murder mystery. You assume the role of a therapist trying to figure out who murdered you predecessor whilst treating his patients. It consists fully of FMV sequences and on a very basic level, the core mechanic relies on you typing in responses and questions to the people you’re talking to.

How much would you have to pay for this thing?
8.99 USD on steam

Which platforms is this game available on?
I’ve played it on a MAC laptop. It’s also available for PC.

Is there any re-playability?
The murderer is randomly decided at the start of the game and thus the answer to the main question keeps changing every play through. Despite this, I’d say the re-playability is fairly limited since a majority of the content remains the same. Some pieces of evidence change along with the identity of the killer. I’d recommend doing one straightforward play through and one in which you attempt a completionist run and aim to get all possible responses.

FMV, really?
Yeah, the full motion video style of gaming is back. Thankfully, this time, most FMV developers decided to hire people who can actually act. Furthermore, the developers seem to have developed an understanding of the nature of the medium and it’s audience that allows for interesting twists and turns. The interview format used by this game works very well with an FMV type game and you don’t really feel like this game would have been better if it had skipped the FMV and instead relied on animated characters.

Is it fun?
I had a good time with this game and also watched a Let’s Play or two. It’s the type of game I’d recommend playing whilst enjoying a glass of wine or with a friend. It’s what you make of it. The game is fairly self-aware and does allow for a fair few tongue-in-cheek moments.

Is it difficult?
Yes and no.
Finding the right key words or questions is sometimes a struggle. Most of the time you’ll move along just fine only to get stuck. Thankfully, the hint system is quite good. You can set a cool-down period for the hints and thus control your own frustration levels.

Is this a new game?
Yes, it was released in May 2017 and has received regular updates since then.

Who would I recommend this game to?
Anyone who enjoys story-driven games, FMV, and/or lovecraftian horror.

Should you give it a go?
Hell yeah, it’s a truly unique game. Even if you don’t think it’s your thing, 8.99 USD isn’t much to pay for giving something a go.


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