Let’s Talk About Books


I read a lot as a kid. I easily finished books designed to last for weeks in 1-2 lessons for school and typically read things not intended for children. I did read some things intended for a younger audience, the Harry Potter series and the Artemis Fowl books were some of my favourites.

My interest in reading was probably born out of necessity. I lived in a rural area with absolutely nothing to do for entertainment. Furthermore, this was when the internet was a thing you used sparingly and that didn’t do all that much. So, books and video games were my primary forms of entertainment.

As an adult, I don’t read for pleasure that often. Or at least I didn’t until I started making a conscious effort a few months ago. The thing is, I have to read a lot of really heavy material for uni. It didn’t exactly decrease when I went from undergrad to post-grad. So, I spend a lot of my time reading things that are really dense. So why did I attempt to change that?

I dropped by a bookstore to kill some time and realised that one of my favourite authors had released a new book. You know, three years earlier. The feeling that I’d just so completely lost touch with something I truly enjoyed was a bit of a wakeup call for me. I naturally decided to buy the book in question and ended up truly enjoying it. Maybe it’s something so simple as good old ‘fear of missing out’ kicking in, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that I’d missed out on a lot of enjoyable stories.

So I decided to put in a bit of effort. I’ve started creating ‘to read’ lists and try to read at least one book a month. I’ve also started enjoying shorter stories, think Sherlock Holmes, which was something I never enjoyed when I was younger.

I’ve also noticed that my preferences have changed a bit. I was convinced I would love HP Lovecraft, but I’ve been working on The Mountains of Madness for weeks and find it borderline impossible to enjoy. I can tell that I would have loved it when I was younger, but the dense language reminds me too much of academic writing. It just feels more like work rather than pleasure.

Currently, I’m still working on getting through The Mountains of Madness. But more enjoyably, I’m also reading Steppenwolf and have a copy of 1984 waiting for me. I genuinely enjoyed Animal Farm, so I’ve got high hopes for 1984. I’m also planning to fit in another Sherlock Holmes story in August. Also in August, the author that got me back into reading is releasing a new book, so I’m really keen for that. In general, I find myself drawn to classics these days and I’m not really sure why.

I do struggle to find new books and it’s difficult to find tailored recommendations, which does make it a bit difficult to add new things to my ‘to read’ list. So if you know of good ways to find new things to read, please let me know!



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