6 Things I’d Love to See from K-Beauty Brands


I love Korean Beauty products and brands in general, but there are some things I’d like to see change or added. This is not calling out any specific brand or hating on the K-beauty industry, just more of a wish list.

  1. More shades
    Korean cushions are some of the best things you can use on your face, and they’re a godsend if you’re an extremely pale person. However, it’s not uncommon for brands to release maybe 2 shades or so. I’d like to see a wider range of skin colours and undertones represented in K-beauty. Even if you only look at Korean people, there are more than two or so skin colours/shades found in the population. It would hopefully boost these brands internationally and provide more options for consumers all over the world.


2. More creative hand creams
I love hand creams and have a pretty decent collection of them. K-beauty brands like TonyMoly, SkinFood, and The Saem all come up with amazing hand creams in cute packaging. I’d like to see more of that in the industry. I’m waiting for a rose scented hand cream to be released in rose shaped packaging, space inspired hand creams released inside planets, or even a whole candy themed collection. You’re good at it, so please keep on doing it!

3. Caffeinated Skin & Body Care
Coffee scrubs are commonplace these days. There’s some limited research to suggest that caffeine might have a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect on the skin when exposed to UV rays, leading me to think that researching caffeine as an ingredient in SPF focused products may be worthwhile. Although I must say I don’t know much about the research in this area, caffeine is sometimes used in products targeting dark and puffy under-eye areas. Plus, I’ll buy a coffee scented anything, so if you sell something that smells like coffee, I’ll happily hand over my money. There’s plenty of cafe themed collections and PR photos, so this one shouldn’t be too much of a stretch.

4. Moving Away From Animal Testing
There’s a very logical reason as to why a lot of Korean brands test on animals – Chinese law requires that beauty products sold in the country is tested on animals. However, a few brands do their best to avoid animal testing, including SanDaWha (which has some awesome skin care products). I’d just like to see a greater move away from animal testing even if all brands don’t follow suit. I don’t exclusively use cruelty free brands, but more brands getting on board would make it a lot easier for people to access cruelty free products and open the market up for a group of consumers that are currently hesitant about the entire industry. Plus, moving away from animal testing in general is something I believe is a good idea now that other forms of testing are equally good.

5. Eyeshadow Tints
Lip tints are lightweight, blendable, and come in a range of colours. I would like to see that technology/technique adapted into eyeshadows. It would be easily applied with your fingers or a sponge applicator. If you wait a few seconds before applying it, it might be less prone to transferring than many other forms of eyeshadows. Moreover, it would enable a more gradient look for eyeshadows that can be achieved even by people like me who suck at blending.

6. Accompanying Candles
Skincare and makeup collections by Korean brands are often themed according to their active ingredients. You’ll have a whole collection themed around green tea or grapes. Where appropriate, I’d love to see more scented candles accompanying those collections, maybe to be included when you buy a set of something.





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