Bullet Journals

I’ve got a minor obsession with stationary and at the moment that has caused me to attempt bullet journaling. So, I thought I’d write about it. There are some super pretty bullet journals out there, this isn’t one of them. I don’t have the patience for fine design, this is just done for fun and productivity purposes.

I typically have a few different spreads, a front page, and recurring features. The theme for August is anything jungle/tropics related since I’m really over winter. I’ve got a mood tracker where I simply fill in how I felt on a particular day. I’ve got a main goals spread which tracks things like exercise and blog posts, then I’ve got specific goals pages for work and my PhD. I also track things like what fictional media I consume (books, movies, etc), beauty products I’ve tried, and any particular ‘rewards’ I’ve scheduled that month. As you can tell there’s a page from September there, which just creates an overview of the weeks of the month and things that are particularly important.

In terms of stationary, I’ve got four different types of pens & pencils, some washi tape, and not much else really. My pencil case is pretty awesome though, it’s one of those with sequins that ‘flip’ over. So yeah, it can either be a charming ocean colour or matte black. Or a combination of both for that matter. Got it at Think Geek. It’s pretty basic but it gets the job done.

Essentially it’s like a calendar but more flexible and more fun. I also take the approach that it never stops evolving and thus I keep adding illustrations and doodles as I go along.
Some people tend to track almost everything they do and I just don’t have time for that, like who has time to mark down all of the glasses of water they drank in a day?

In terms of themes, I just pick things that I like. Next month is space, then it’s Halloween, followed by baked goods, and then Christmas/Holidays.
The next time I do a detailed setup, I might share it in a more coherent way.


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