When Things Get Rough



This is a pretty accurate depiction of me before 8am. It’s also a pretty accurate image of me when things get rough, and that’s what I want to write about today.

Recently, things just don’t seem to be going my way. It’s more a matter of timing than anything else, but it is quite frustrating. I’ve had massive unavoidable expenses for a while and that means I’ve been on a fairly strict budget as a result.

Due to budget restrictions, I’ve been unable to use some of my regular coping mechanisms. Especially grabbing breakfast out, retail therapy, and massages. Massages are probably the worst since I’ve got ongoing issues with back and shoulder pain, so going for a massage every six weeks or so has been pretty important in managing my wellbeing. Because when your back and shoulders hurt, it becomes a lot harder to do things like sleep and work… Add to that that I’m currently saving up to have my wisdom teeth removed. So yeah, chronic pain in most of my upper body has been a bit of an issue.

Anyhow, in order to stay motivated and get things done, I normally use a bullet journal. When I’ve completed X number of tasks or made good progress, I normally schedule rewards for myself. When you’re on a very limited budget, it’s kinda hard to reward yourself even when you deserve it. There’s been a fair few “take an extra long shower!” type of rewards happening lately. Because my normal method for getting things done isn’t as efficient as it usually is, it’s been kinda hard to stay on top of everything. This month I fell slightly short of my normal exercise goal, partly due to the pain issue.┬áIt’s also one of the reasons I’ve been blogging less lately. I’ve just had so much to do and had no motivation whatsoever.

In order to try to manage everything, I’ve used a few different tricks. The first is to consume heaps of black coffee. Firstly, because it’s the most affordable type of coffee (especially if your office provides free instant coffee). Secondly, because it helps keep the lack of sleep from becoming super obvious. Thirdly, because it curbs hunger sensations quite well.

Another trick I’ve used is to focus on wearing things that make me feel good. It’s not just about things that make you look good, it’s also about wearing a funny t-shirt or a cosy sweater.

The next thing I’ve tried to do a bit more of sounds simple – doing nothing. I’m usually very focused on getting things done and it’s hard for me to take a day off. In order to manage the pain and insomnia, I’ve just had to take things a bit easy. I’ve watched a lot of Netflix, revisited old games, and spent a fair amount of time napping when possible.

It’s kinda working out ok, but today I’m rewarding myself by going to see a friend. I’m bringing cheese, crackers, and blueberries. She’s providing wine. Shared costs, twice the reward. I just hope she doesn’t mind cheap brie.