What Inspires You?

Blogging, or any type of writing for that matter, is a lot easier to do when there is


something that inspires you.

Inspiration is something I often struggle with, and it is most likely tied to my general lack of motivation at the moment. We all like to think that we do what we do for a reason, that there is some sense of meaning to this weird madness we’ve named Life. And yet, there are days when nothing seems to have any meaning whatsoever.

I don’t mean that in the sense of depression, but more that there is a distinct lack of motivation or inspiration to really do anything. This type of thing can of course be a prelude to depression, but we’re not quite there.

After scheduling all the stocking stuffer posts (one for every remaining day of November), I’m drained. I even had to look at a list of prompts to be able to come up with the idea of writing about inspiration, or a lack of thereof.

I often look at things online to find inspiration, but with dreadful Wi-Fi, that’s kinda impossible. I’ve also struggled to stay motivated with things like reading, exercising, and researching, so it’s not just blogging that we’re talking about.

I want sunshine and pools, wine and halo top. I want my finances to be sorted out so that I can spoil myself and not just sit around waiting to get paid. It’s really hard to find inspiration to do things when there’s so much you suddenly can’t do…

So, dear readers, what inspires you?
When you’re broke, unable to do any of the things you want to do, and feel kinda blue, what’s your inspiration to push through?




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