“Binders Full of Women”

The Fembuiz Directory is a website that lists female run businesses and is striving to become the go-to database in the field.

I rarely write posts about specific businesses, but I’m making an exception today. It is my policy to always declare sponsored posts, and this is something similar. Fembuiz asked for bloggers to write about them in exchange for payment and I offered. Why? Because I think many of my readers would use a service like this. You can find the business on this website: http://www.fembuiz.com.au

Why did I decide to write about this particular service? There are four reasons why.

Firstly, I review products from small female-owned businesses all the time. For indie companies in the beauty and geek fields, a service like Fembuiz could provide valuable opportunities when it comes to reaching new consumers.

Secondly, many of my readers are into the same products that I am. If you’re into reading about products from small businesses run by women, then you’re probably open to the idea of supporting these types of businesses.

Thirdly, the database covers a diverse range of industries. There’s often the assumption that female business owners only work in things related to fashion and beauty. This typically takes two forms “we tried to find a woman but there wasn’t one available” which is a common response when people are being critiqued for not featuring female experts at anywhere near the same rate as male experts. (Typically this means that they asked one person and she couldn’t do it, so they asked a bloke). By having a successful database of this kind, it would be easier to both find a female expert/professional and to suggest them to others. The other response is “women aren’t in this industry”, which is a common stereotype in male-dominated professions. This database would provide a simple way of checking for businesses owned by women in a specific area.

Fourthly, many of my friends and connections run female focused events. These are events such as “women in STEM” or “women in male dominated industries” where female speakers are often invited. Fembuiz makes finding new people to reach out to a lot easier.

So yeah, there’s the four reasons why you might be interested in Fembuiz.


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