About Polished Cryptids

What is Polished Cryptids?
It is a blog that aims to review less well known beauty products that are reasonably priced for a standard university student budget. The two most important factors taken into account when the products are reviewed are quality and value for money.

What does Polished Cryptids mean?
Originally I intended to limit this blog to nail polish reviews but realised that would probably bore me and any potential readers, hence ‘Polished*. Cryptids:

  1. Cryptids are legendary creatures that are rumored or suspected to exist but for which conclusive evidence is still missing.

So yeah, it essentially means the Bigfoot of Beauty Products.

Who runs it?
My name is Ida. I’m a university student born in 1991, currently living in Brisbane. I’m not a trained makeup artist, do not work for any beauty related company, and do not claim to be a ‘beauty guru’. Trying new products is something I find exciting and trying things that aren’t commonly used among my group of friends has become a bit of an interest for me. So I thought I’d share the verdict.


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