No Mirror Makeup Challenge

This is a challenge a friend of mine has been urging me to do for quite a while. It’s bloody difficult and I’d like to share this struggle with you all.

I decided to do a full face of makeup because why not. I also decided to do something that was quite similar to my normal look.

Products used:
Smashbox Camera Ready BB cream in fair/light
Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in the shade Romance
Tony Moly’s Cherry tinted lip balm – applied with brush
Maybelline Colour Tattoo eyeshadow in 35 Tough as Taupe
Essence Kajal Pencil in 01 Black
Rimmel ScandalEyes Retro Glam
Innisfree no-sebum mineral pact.

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Red Lipstick – New to Makeup

Red lipstick is quite possibly the most iconic type of makeup there is. It is a staple in classical, vintage, and modern makeup. In other words, it deserves its own post.

So I put some of my lipsticks in my bag and headed to my local coffee shop to write. These are far from my only lipsticks, but they do illustrate a rather decent range of colours and types.

Here’s five things you need to know about red lipstick.

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Alternatives to Winged Liquid Eyeliner

Winged liquid eyeliner is as essential to a lot of people as foundation or a chapstick. It’s also hellishly difficult to get right. So in the interest of being beginner friendly in this series, I thought could discuss some alternatives to winged liquid eyeliner.

Here are four alternative looks that are similar to the liquid eyeliner look but that don’t actually include liquid eyeliner. Keep in mind that I have hooded eyes and that these looks have been adapted to work with that kind of eye.

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30 Days of Products -Innoxa Lovely Lips


I have to confess I’d never heard about Innoxa before I found this lipstick in a bargaining bin at Priceline. This is the shade Marigold and it’s a bit cooler, darker, and frostier in person than it appears on the photo.

It has a lovely floral scent that isn’t overpowering but thankfully isn’t a generic sweet smell either. It smells a bit like a floral shampoo or soap, not unpleasant by any means.

I decided on this shade since it’s dark enough for me to wear it as a “nude only a bit lighter than my actual lip”. It’s a rather unusual colour and that’s what caught my attention.

The packaging is rather standard, nothing innovative or mind-blowing but it doesn’t have to be. It’s functional and looks alright.

The product itself is pretty good for a drugstore lipstick. It’s not extremely pigmented but you don’t have to work very hard to build the colour up either. It’s not as luxuriously creamy as I prefer, but it’s not too dry or too runny. It’s a nice medium option. It stays on ok, I’d recommend bringing the lipstick along if you plan on wearing it all day.

Not bad for something found in a bargaining bin.

30 Days of Product – Bobbi Brown Compact Foundation

20151228_131517.jpgThis is the only compact foundation I have and if you zoom in on the photo, you’ll see why this is the case. It is impossible to keep them free from dust. Literally impossible. I’ve used this one twice and there’s already a dozen visible specks of dust in the product.

Also, yes I forgot to put a review up yesterday. Sorry.

Anyhow, this is Bobbi Brown’s Long-Wear Even Finish Compact Foundation in warm ivory. It’s supposedly oil free, which is welcome in compact foundations.

Beyond the dust I don’t really have any complaints about the product itself. It comes with a sponge applicator that I would probably forego for limited use applicators to minimise bacterial growth in the product. The sponge is pretty good though.

The thing is, compact foundations are a form of foundation that very few people can actually wear. They are very heavy in nature even if this one is on the lighter end of the spectrum. For most people, including myself, it’s simply way too much.

What I did notice when wearing this was that my nose became incredibly oily after a few hours and I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone who has a tendency to get oily. I have sensitive combination skin and only ever get an oily t-zone. This was just… extreme.

Other than that, it has pretty high coverage and good staying power. Looks good and is easy to work with.

30 Days of Products – ColourPop Wet


This is one of ColourPop’s famous lippie stix. Beyond making me wish that makeup companies could stop trying to come up with weird spellings for regular words, they’re good.
This is one of the pearlised colours and it’s called Wet.

It’s a bit of an odd colour as you might be able to see, it takes a while to work out how to wear it. If I wear it on my own, it looks weird but I imagine it might look better on people with really dark skin. A bit like an off-nude pearlised product? However, as I discovered a few days ago, this product can be used on top of regular lipsticks. Remember that disappointing Australis lipstick I reviewed a little while ago?
Put this product on top of that lipstick and it created a dark brownish red, it worked pretty well even if it’s not something I see myself wearing too often.

These lipsticks are pretty good and rather pigmented. The only downside I’ve noticed is that they tend to be on the dry side. Still, they’re only 5-6 USD and that’s a great price for this product.

30 Days of Products – Peripera Be Illumi

20151222_130125.jpgThis is a Wholly Deep Jewel Pot. Because Korean companies can’t have product names shorter than four words. It’s from Peripera and the shade is 1 Be Illumi. As you can see it’s pretty much a rose gold colour with a significant amount of… shiny.

These products are a bit complicated to describe. It’s a combination of a creme eyeshadow and gold leaf if that description helps. Pressed gold leaf is probably the best description to be honest. It will come out in flakes on your brush and you can either apply them to the eye like that to create a jewel effect and if you puzzle a bit you can create an entirely metallic eyelid. You can also blend it out a bit to create a smoother shade.

You can apply it either as an effect makeup over another eyeshadow, or on its own for a discrete glitter effect. Wearing it on its own works really well for hooded eyes and is one of the few eyeshadow effects types of makeup that looks good on that type of eyelid.

The staying power is pretty good, it doesn’t go all over your face. The shade is pretty good and rose gold is a colour that can be worn by almost anyone, not to mention that rose gold has been the “trendiest” makeup metallic for a while. It’s perfect for events like a new year’s eve party or anything else that requires some warm fancy sparkles.

30 Days of Products – Rimmel Heart Breaker


Since I ranted about a drugstore lipstick yesterday, I thought it was time to introduce one I really like. This is a lipstick from Rimmel, the shade is called Heart Breaker (016) and it’s one of their lasting finish lipsticks. The shade is a very flattering shade of berry with a blue undertone. Blue undertones are good, at least for me since they balance out yellow. I have a slightly yellow/warm undertone to my skin but have cool toned eyes and hair, so it’s difficult to balance.

The product has a nice sweet scent that isn’t too overpowering, the packaging is pretty good but nothing special, and it’s a good regular sized product.

Here’s the thing. It’s creamy. It’s pigmented. It goes on smoothly. This product feels good, it looks good, and it stays pretty good. You might need to reply this product once or twice during a full day. Its resistance to things like food and drink is medium to high. It’s… good.

No, it’s not a Holy Grail situation, but if you want a good drugstore lipstick that gets the job done and looks good while doing it, Rimmel is where to look.

30 Days of Products – Australis Colour Inject


This is unfortunately every prejudice you have against drugstore lipsticks come true. Before I rant completely, this is the colour Cha cha 501 and it’s supposed to be a moisturising mineral lipstick from Australis. Ok, fine, on with the rant.

If you call your product “Colour inject” you better inject some colour into it. If it goes onto my lips sheer and barely there, you shouldn’t pretend it will inject colour in places. It’s sticky on the lips. Sticky. This is what young me thought all makeup was like and therefor didn’t get into traditional makeup.

The tube is… chubby. Not in the charming way, but in the “this is slightly too thick to hold comfortably during application” which isn’t made better by the very sharp edges on the ends. It’s just not comfortable to work with.

I had planned to only wear lipstick today, but this one looked so bad that I had to add foundation and a second lip product. Now I just look eccentric instead of casual.

30 Days of Products – Line Remover Stick

20151212_131302.jpgThis is a rather unusual product from Etude House. It’s meant to help with eyeliner, mascara and all the problems that come with it. The full name seems to be All Finish Line Remover Stick, because short names are just not a thing with Korean products.

You rub it on gently, leave it there, and then remove with cotton pads. This can be done either to remove makeup at the end of the day and works well on things like waterproof mascara, or to remove any product that has ended up where it shouldn’t be during application. So if you’ve stabbed yourself with the mascara wand and need to clean up, use this and remove with a q-tip to avoid smudging your entire eye.

It works really well and offers more control than most other forms of remover that I’ve tried. I mainly use this if I screw up when applying eye products as my regular makeup remover does quite well with eye products too. You draw the product straight onto the area where you messed up, wait a moment, and wipe it off with precision. If you use liquid eyeliner and want to be able to correct small mistakes, this might be a product you want to look into.