Bullet Journals

I’ve got a minor obsession with stationary and at the moment that has caused me to attempt bullet journaling. So, I thought I’d write about it. There are some super pretty bullet journals out there, this isn’t one of them. I don’t have the patience for fine design, this is just done for fun and productivity purposes.

I typically have a few different spreads, a front page, and recurring features. The theme for August is anything jungle/tropics related since I’m really over winter. I’ve got a mood tracker where I simply fill in how I felt on a particular day. I’ve got a main goals spread which tracks things like exercise and blog posts, then I’ve got specific goals pages for work and my PhD. I also track things like what fictional media I consume (books, movies, etc), beauty products I’ve tried, and any particular ‘rewards’ I’ve scheduled that month. As you can tell there’s a page from September there, which just creates an overview of the weeks of the month and things that are particularly important.

In terms of stationary, I’ve got four different types of pens & pencils, some washi tape, and not much else really. My pencil case is pretty awesome though, it’s one of those with sequins that ‘flip’ over. So yeah, it can either be a charming ocean colour or matte black. Or a combination of both for that matter. Got it at Think Geek. It’s pretty basic but it gets the job done.

Essentially it’s like a calendar but more flexible and more fun. I also take the approach that it never stops evolving and thus I keep adding illustrations and doodles as I go along.
Some people tend to track almost everything they do and I just don’t have time for that, like who has time to mark down all of the glasses of water they drank in a day?

In terms of themes, I just pick things that I like. Next month is space, then it’s Halloween, followed by baked goods, and then Christmas/Holidays.
The next time I do a detailed setup, I might share it in a more coherent way.


Review: Labiotte’s Wine Lipstick

Brand: Labiotte (Chateau Labiotte)
Product: Wine Lipstick Fitting
Shade: 4
Price: 19.51 AUD
Bought from: W2Beauty

First impressions: The colour is more discrete than I anticipated and a bit more matte than I thought it would be. It’s still a nice colour, so I’m not disappointed, just a bit caught off guard. The packaging is awesome. It feels really nice on the lips, it’s lightweight and not very drying.

Packaging: It’s a wine bottle. I like wine bottles. Especially when they’re comfortable to hold, stay closed, and stand up on their own.

Usage: I wear it without lipliner or lip primer. It stays on pretty well but if you want to keep the bottle on your desk, you can probably use the need to reapply the lipstick as an excuse. The cut is slanted rather than pointed, so you might find some parts of your lip need to be painted with care.

Value for money: 20 AUD is pretty mid-range for lipsticks and I’d say the price is fair considering the extra work that was put into the product. It’s fine but doesn’t make me giddy with what a steal it is.

Would I buy this again? Maybe. It takes me a while to get through lipsticks and this shade is nice but not amazing. I might consider picking it up in a different colour the next time I buy from W2Beauty.

Review: The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker

This is the first time I’ve written a review of a video game on this blog. So why did I decide to write about an FMV game with an inconveniently lengthy title? The answer is honestly that I think the game deserves a whole lot of appreciation and that I thoroughly enjoyed it.

What is it?
The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker is a lovecraftian murder mystery. You assume the role of a therapist trying to figure out who murdered you predecessor whilst treating his patients. It consists fully of FMV sequences and on a very basic level, the core mechanic relies on you typing in responses and questions to the people you’re talking to.

How much would you have to pay for this thing?
8.99 USD on steam

Which platforms is this game available on?
I’ve played it on a MAC laptop. It’s also available for PC.

Is there any re-playability?
The murderer is randomly decided at the start of the game and thus the answer to the main question keeps changing every play through. Despite this, I’d say the re-playability is fairly limited since a majority of the content remains the same. Some pieces of evidence change along with the identity of the killer. I’d recommend doing one straightforward play through and one in which you attempt a completionist run and aim to get all possible responses.

FMV, really?
Yeah, the full motion video style of gaming is back. Thankfully, this time, most FMV developers decided to hire people who can actually act. Furthermore, the developers seem to have developed an understanding of the nature of the medium and it’s audience that allows for interesting twists and turns. The interview format used by this game works very well with an FMV type game and you don’t really feel like this game would have been better if it had skipped the FMV and instead relied on animated characters.

Is it fun?
I had a good time with this game and also watched a Let’s Play or two. It’s the type of game I’d recommend playing whilst enjoying a glass of wine or with a friend. It’s what you make of it. The game is fairly self-aware and does allow for a fair few tongue-in-cheek moments.

Is it difficult?
Yes and no.
Finding the right key words or questions is sometimes a struggle. Most of the time you’ll move along just fine only to get stuck. Thankfully, the hint system is quite good. You can set a cool-down period for the hints and thus control your own frustration levels.

Is this a new game?
Yes, it was released in May 2017 and has received regular updates since then.

Who would I recommend this game to?
Anyone who enjoys story-driven games, FMV, and/or lovecraftian horror.

Should you give it a go?
Hell yeah, it’s a truly unique game. Even if you don’t think it’s your thing, 8.99 USD isn’t much to pay for giving something a go.

Hidden Gems

This post is about brands and products that I think are underrated, underestimated, or just not as well known as they should be. They’re not necessarily small indie brands and this is not a hipster post. It’s just about things I think you should look into. Last thing to consider is that products and brands may be well known in one part of the world but not in another.

The first brand I’d like to draw some attention to is Palmer’s. It’s a brand you can find in most drugstores in Australia and they specialise in skin care. It’s not necessarily unknown, but I almost never hear people talk about it. The cocoa body butter included in the photo above is wonderful, smells nice, and is really moisturising. In terms of affordable skincare, look into Palmer’s the next time you’re considering a purchase. I use their exfoliator, body butter, and they used to make the best lightweight moisturiser I’ve ever tried.

Geek Chic Cosmetics is one of my all-time favourite indie brands. Their solid perfumes are some of the very few perfumes I actually like. They’re not overpowering and they don’t stink up the entire house. Furthermore, they make my favourite powder foundation. It’s in the shade Kahlan and I’ll have to re-purchase it soon. They’ve also got a great body lotion that references Silence of the Lambs, which is amazing. They’re mostly known for their eyeshadows, which come in geek themed collections. As a bonus, the brand is cruelty free and at least mostly vegan.

SkinFood is a great Korean brand that never seems to get much attention in the west. They make my favourite eyebrow powder, the gummibear shaped hand cremes I rave about, and some truly awesome skincare products. If you love cute packaging, high quality products, and like brands that try new things – then SkinFood is for you.

TonyMoly – this is a brand you’ve probably heard of. However, it seems to be underestimated by most people I’ve chatted to. This brand makes a mind-blowingly good liquid eyeliner for like 10 dollars. Their steam balm in their egg pore series is one of the best products I’ve tried when it comes to fighting blackheads. Furthermore, their Pokémon themed collaboration that you can still find in a lot of online k beauty retailers was really good. The Psyduck cheese firming cream contains gruyere (seriously) and can be used on your body and face. I typically use it on my legs after shaving and it has been really helpful.

Innisfree – Innisfree is my holy grail skincare brand. If I was only allowed to use one brand for all of my skincare, then it would be Innisfree. They are famous for combining natural ingredients with scientific innovation and the result is gorgeous. In addition to their skincare they also have innovative products in haircare and some really solid makeup products. Their no sebum compact powders are perfect in humid climates.

Guerlain – You’ve probably heard of this brand. However, very few people seem to actually purchase things from them. Out of all the luxury brands, Guerlain is the one given the least attention in comparison to how good the brand really is. I’ve been a fan of their Rogue G de Guerlain lipsticks for years and currently use a light-medium coverage foundation from them. I’ve never tried a Guerlain product that I found lacking in quality, the only time a product hasn’t worked for me was when it was made with a pink undertone in mind.

Paint – I’ve only ever seen this brand in one Terry White’s. It’s honestly on par with OPI in terms of quality even though their range is a bit smaller. I remember buying 5 bottles of nail polish for 10 dollars and not a single one of them disappointed me. The shade I’m showing in the photo above was simply called ‘red’. This means that it’s hard to search for the brand online since both the brand name and shade names are really generic. If you have a Terry White Chemist near you, see if they carry this brand.

BH Cosmetics Galaxy Palette – I don’t know enough about BH Cosmetics to be able to recommend the brand as a whole. However, their galaxy themed palette is heaps of fun. It’s great for creating unusual looks and the colours can be used both wet and dry. If you’re looking for a fun palette that’s really affordable, check this one out.

Review: Wine Lip Tint from Château Labiotte

Brand: Labiotte
Product: Wine Lip Tint
Shade: RD01 – Shiraz Red
Available: MIK Australia, W2Beauty
Price: 14-15 USD
Note: I actually won this product (and a few others) in a Facebook competition that was open for everyone on W2Beauty’s FB page.

Packaging: If Cersei Lannister had a makeup line, this would be her star product. From what I can tell, all products from Labiotte (also called Château Labiotte) are wine themed. Considering they’ve got mascaras, fragrances, eyeshadows, and lipsticks, that’s quite impressive. Seriously though, this is some of the most awesome packaging I’ve ever come across. It’s lightweight and yet sturdy. Practical and fun.

First Impressions: The applicator is good and easy to use, it has the right amount of precision and the unusual shape of the handle doesn’t have a negative impact on how it controls.  I’ve used this product a handful of times and the colour is gorgeous. It’s a very flattering deep red that could be worn by most people. I can’t help but think this item would be a great conversation starter in any scenario where you’re around people who wear makeup. Or like wine.

Cons: The first time I wore this lip tint it was one of the best tints I’ve ever come across. However, it doesn’t seem like it has the best staying power. It’s on par with some good lip tints, but you’d need to top it up if you wear it on your entire lip as opposed to in a gradient lip.

Pros: Given that the product is really small, it’s easy to carry around in your purse or keep on your desk. That somewhat mitigates the issue of it wearing off throughout the day. The two best aspects of this product are without a doubt the colour and the packaging.

Value for money: Good. It’s not the cheapest lip tint I’ve come across, but it’s really opaque and you only need one layer of product.

Would I recommend it? Yeah, if you’re into lip tints and like fun packaging – then this is the product for you.


Review: TonyMoly’s Jigglypuff Peach Pact

wp-1490621023746.jpgBrand: TonyMoly
Product: Jigglypuff Peach Compact
Shade: 01
SPF: SPF 42 PA+++
Scent: Mild Peach
Volume: 5g
Other: Pack includes mirror and an application sponge
Price: Approx 10 Aud
Available: MIK Australia

First impressions: This is terribly cute and perfectly geeky. Small compact that is perfect to keep in your bag or at your desk. The applicator sponge is pretty good and the mirror gets the job done. The powder itself has an outline of Jigglypuff in it which I absolutely love.

Packaging: Nothing revolutionary but solid. It doesn’t randomly open up and it’s rather sturdy. Bonus points for matching the Pokemon with the package and not just slapping a sticker on top of the a regular package.

Usage: works best when worn over a bb creme. Removes oiliness and has decent coverage.

Pros: Compact, cute, competent. SPF!

Cons: Only available in two shades that are both very light. You might need to reapply it once or twice during the day.


Would I recommend this? Yeah, if you’re a Pokemon fan or just a fan of cute packaging, then go for it. It’s not a mind-blowing product but it gets the job done and looks good while doing it. Plus, it’s rare to find compact powders for such a low price available to Australian consumers.

Collection: Hand Creams


We all have those things we buy too many of and no matter that we actually use the products, we end up having about 10 of them in use at the same time. Hand creams are where I indulge. I use them almost daily, sometimes several times a day and yet I almost never run out of them. This isn’t my complete collection, these are just the ones I could find in my bedroom. To my credit, I haven’t opened the one from Soap and Glory yet. I think I’ve noticed why. I just keep buying them.

Hand creams are some of the cheapest beauty products that still offer excitement and variation. I particularly love the apple shaped hand cream that I have from TonyMoly and have tried other hand creams from their collections before. They’re just perfect to keep on your bedside table for both decoration and usage. I’ve raved about my SkinFood Gummy Bear ones before, so I won’t dive into too much detail here. Beyond those novelty items, my collection is fairly standardised. I’ve got one from Palmers that I use if my hands or elbows feel really rough and it’s super moisturising. It’s particularly good to use overnight as it’s a bit greasy. The one from Sephora is convenient, quite cheap, and smells nice. The Vintage & Co one is probably the one I use the least and I might get rid of it.


Chocolate Collection

wp-1490665818331.jpgI’m weak for chocolate scents and that has started to become noticeable when you look at my makeup and skincare collection. This photo is lacking three products that I still use on a regular basis. I’ve got the Dark Chocolate version of the Gummy Bear Hand Gel in addition to the Cherry Chocolate one seen here, I’ve also got a Sesame Street Cookie Monster version of the Chocolate Macaron lip balm, and lastly, I’ve got a chocolate scented body wash from Etude House.

The Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar palette probably doesn’t need an introduction. It’s a series of highly pigmented shadows (almost to the point where they’re pigmented enough to be annoying) in a chocolate bar style package and it all smells of chocolate.

As you may have noticed from the photo, a lot of the chocolate scented/themed products I have are from SkinFood. Sure, the All Over Muffin Cake Finish compacts are a bit of a stretch but they’re close enough to the whole chocolate theme to count. However, one thing SkinFood does really well is scents. Both the Gummy Bear Hand Gels really do smell like cherry chocolate and dark chocolate respectively. The Choco Eyebrow Powder Cake doesn’t have a scent, but it contains two chocolate brown colours. One of those colours has a hint of red that works quite well with my current hair colour, so I’ve been using it more and more.

Lip balms are great products for scents and flavours. These macaron lip balms from it’s Skin are amazing and really convenient to keep on your desk or bedside table.

Scents appeal to our most primal senses and we are hard-wired to respond to them. The scent of chocolate is comforting to many of us and we generally associate that specific scent with happy memories. Even the scent of chocolate is a bit of a pick-me-up on bad days and being able to get that benefit from makeup and skincare is amazing.wp-1490621034059.jpg

Review: SkinFood’s Gummy Bear Jelly Hand Gel

wp-1490621038790.jpgBrand: SkinFood
Product: Gummy Bear Jelly Hand Gel
Scent: Dark Chocolate
Price: 8 USD at Ulta (other scents)

Available from: StyleKorean, Ulta

First Impressions: It smells just like dark chocolate, your hands smell good enough to eat. It’s very moisturising and smooth. The bottle is adorable but on the small side. This product lives on my desk and I use it several times a week.

Packaging: It’s a big gummy bear, what’s not to love? One massive plus is that the head always ends up facing forward when you’re putting the cap back on. It’s soft enough for you to be able to squeeze product out quite easily. Again, it’s pretty small.

Usage: Products that moisturise your hands are seldom complicated to use. It’s quite easily absorbed, so you don’t need to worry about your hands being gooey afterwards.

Would I recommend this: Absolutely. The scent is awesome, the packaging is awesome, and it’s a good hand creme. Go for it.

Korean Haul

wp-1486510254163.jpgI was thrilled to discover that my order from MIK Australia this morning. MIK imports products from Korea and it’s a great way to access products not normally sold in Australia.

My haul includes a lot of SkinFood and limited edition TonyMoly, mainly because those are the two things I haven’t really been able to find in Australian stores. It’s pretty evident from the photo that I went kinda nuts for the Pokemon collection from TonyMoly and I’m so keen to finally try it out.

I’ve only tried a handful of the products so far, and I have to say, the gummy bear hand creme is amazing. I’ve only tried the golden one and it has an incredible scent of dark chocolate.

This haul cost me just over 200 dollars. Full list of products below

TonyMoly x Pokemon Pikachu mini cushion blusher – 01 Pink Fantasy
TonyMoly x Pokemon Pikachu Pika Get It Tint – 02 Red Hot
TonyMoly x Pokemon Pikachu Pika Get It Tint – 03 Red Joy
TonyMoly x Pokemon Gorpaduck (Psyduck) Cheese Firming Cream
TonyMoly x Pokemon Foam Cleanser – Isanghessi (Bulbasaur): Green Tea
TonyMoly x Pokemon Purin Peach Pact (Jigglypuff) – Vanilla
TonyMoly Easy Touch Auto Lip Liner – 02 Rose Pink
TonyMoly Egg Pore Tightening Cooling Pack

Innisfree Camellia Essential Hair Mist
Innisfree Apple Seed Cleansing Tissues

Skin Food – All Over Muffin Cake Finish – No. 05 Cocoa Cream Quarter Muffin
Skin Food – Salmon Dark Circle Concealer Cream – 02 Salmon Beige
Skin Food – All Over Muffin Cake Finish – No. 03 Gold Banana Muffin
Skin Food – Gummy Bear Jelly Hand Butter – Dark Chocolate
Skin Food – Gummy Bear Jelly Hand Butter – Cherry Chocolate
Skin Food – Peach Sake Pore Pact

It’s Skin Macaron Lip Balm – Sesame Street Edition -05. Love Choco (Cookie Monster)
It’s Skin Babyface Mellow Stick Eye Shadow – No. 05 Marron Cocoa
It’s Skin Babyface Creamy Lipliner – 04. Rose Beige

The Face Shop – Face It Styling Mascara – 02 Edge Curling

Nature Republic – Botanical Apple Dome Blusher – 01 Pink Apple
Nature Republic – Soothing & Moisture Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel

Etude House – My Beauty Tool Strawberry Sponge Hair Curlers