Stocking Stuffer #8 Hair Flowers

wpid-20150911_191138.jpgHair flowers are a rockabilly & vintage classic.

For whom: anyone who uses hair accessories, especially rockabilly & vintage enthusiasts.
From where: literally any rockabilly themed store. Louella DeVille is a good one.
Price: 5-20Aud
Combine with: earrings or a brooch


“Binders Full of Women”

The Fembuiz Directory is a website that lists female run businesses and is striving to become the go-to database in the field.

I rarely write posts about specific businesses, but I’m making an exception today. It is my policy to always declare sponsored posts, and this is something similar. Fembuiz asked for bloggers to write about them in exchange for payment and I offered. Why? Because I think many of my readers would use a service like this. You can find the business on this website:

Why did I decide to write about this particular service? There are four reasons why.

Firstly, I review products from small female-owned businesses all the time. For indie companies in the beauty and geek fields, a service like Fembuiz could provide valuable opportunities when it comes to reaching new consumers.

Secondly, many of my readers are into the same products that I am. If you’re into reading about products from small businesses run by women, then you’re probably open to the idea of supporting these types of businesses.

Thirdly, the database covers a diverse range of industries. There’s often the assumption that female business owners only work in things related to fashion and beauty. This typically takes two forms “we tried to find a woman but there wasn’t one available” which is a common response when people are being critiqued for not featuring female experts at anywhere near the same rate as male experts. (Typically this means that they asked one person and she couldn’t do it, so they asked a bloke). By having a successful database of this kind, it would be easier to both find a female expert/professional and to suggest them to others. The other response is “women aren’t in this industry”, which is a common stereotype in male-dominated professions. This database would provide a simple way of checking for businesses owned by women in a specific area.

Fourthly, many of my friends and connections run female focused events. These are events such as “women in STEM” or “women in male dominated industries” where female speakers are often invited. Fembuiz makes finding new people to reach out to a lot easier.

So yeah, there’s the four reasons why you might be interested in Fembuiz.

Stocking Stuffer #6 Powder Foundation

wp-1483497318477.jpgThis one is more for warmer climates. Christmas in summer can be hell, because foundation literally melts off your face. Hence my recommendation for powder foundations.

For whom: Makeup users whose shade you know.
Price: varied. This one is 10USD
From where:
Note: this product has been rebranded and is no longer sold as ‘cutie face foundation’ but instead as Neko Face Foundations. This particular shade is still called Kahlan.

Stocking Stuffer #3 Solid Scents


This is my all time favourite perfume, sadly the label is starting to fade. Solid scents make for better stocking stuffers than glass bottles because they’re far less prone to breaking or leaking.

For whom: Anyone that likes smelling good
From where: Femme Fatale Cosmetics and Geek Chic Cosmetics usually sell them.
Price: <10 AUD
This particular one is called Nebula and is bade by One Hand Washes the Other.

Stocking Stuffer #2 Mini Shower Gels

20171115_125303.jpgThis is a very practical gift and is perfect for someone who does a lot of traveling or tends to get changed at the gym. Anyone who has to shower outside of their own home from time to time. Or anyone who likes trying new scents.

For whom: anyone, everyone needs to shower.
From: Bath & Body Works, most beauty stores.
Price:  10-15 Aud. Can often get mix & match deals.
Combine with: matching body lotion

Products That Have Grown On Me


Sometimes, it’s nice when you’re wrong. These are a few of the products I’ve encountered that I couldn’t stand at first, but that have grown on me.

Guerlain is one of my favourite brands, but because of how expensive they are, it’s pretty rare that I buy things from them. Thus, when I do spend my hard-earned dollars on one of their products, it better be good. Their Météorites Baby Glow product just did not seem to work for me when I first tried it. It was way too red and just didn’t seem to cooperate with my skin. However, the shade suddenly seems to be a near perfect match. Maybe it’s because my hair colour is changing or something, but it suddenly works. This product has gone from being one of my greatest disappointments to being one of my go-to products for everyday use.

KvD’s Bullet Lipsticks – You may have heard that all of the KvD bullet lipsticks are being reformulated and if I’d heard that months ago, I would have cheered. However, I’ve kinda grown to like them. I think the turning point was when I figured out that they were easily defeated by oil/greasy foods. Provided you stay away from that, they perform wonderfully. I still hate that the lids tend to come off if you look at them too intensely (or for no apparent reason). But some of these lipsticks are now products that I use on a regular basis, and I’m especially fond of the shade Chula. Let’s just say I’m kinda nervous about the new formula.

MAC – Viva Glam Rihanna (Frost). I’m not a big fan of mac. They’re overpriced, overhyped, and simply overrated. I’ve yet to find a MAC product that I genuinely love. This lipstick is the closest I’ve gotten. I’ve gone from thinking it was an absolute waste of money to thinking it’s alright. Not praising this one as much as the others, because it’s still only an (at best) fairly good lipstick that is still overpriced and overhyped. However, I don’t regret buying it anymore.

Colourpop Sculpting Stix in the shade Dove – I’m not massively into contouring. I find that it tends to look unnatural, unflattering, and muddy. It’s really hard to find contouring products for pale skin that are suitable for a more natural and subtle contour. However, this is one of the few products I’ve found that actually works. At first, I found that it either did nothing or looked clownish. But after spending a fair amount of time working with the product, I think I’ve figured out how to make it work.

Josie Maran Argan Oil – When my hair is in a decent condition, this product does nothing for me. But when my hair is having a bad time and looking worse than normal, it’s a lifesaver. So it helps revive my hair, but doesn’t improve the quality if my hair is already in a good condition.

Sacha Matte Face Powder – Nude Beige. This product is simply too dark for me to be able to use it as a regular powder foundation or all-over face powder. It’s not a bad product, just a poor match. That’s hardly surprising given that the brand normally targets women of colour, so it was more of an “ah well, guess that’s to be expected” case rather than “wow, this is so disappointing” one. What it does work for is when it’s combined with a foundation that is just a little too pale for me. It helps balancing it all out and means that I can now wear BB cremes that are just a little bit too light.