Some of My Favourite Things 3/5

41. Space – it’s pretty cool
42. The West Wing – Possibly the greatest thing ever put on the small screen.

43. Black Lace – one of the few things that can look delicate and badass at the same time.

44. Fish Sauce – Don’t judge me, everyone likes at least one type of weird food.

45. Sushi

46. Pinball – super addictive and wholesome fun.

47. Halloween

48. Goats – search for fainting goats on youtube and I promise you you’re in for a treat

49. Quirky makeup

50. Coke Zero

51. Post-workout endorphins – sometimes your  body rewards itself for hard work.

52. Pointless quizzes – sometimes you just need to know which pizza you are based on how you’d design a bedroom.

53. Dragon Age

54. Moleskin Journals – stationary luxury in a nutshell

55. Salmon – tastiest fish out there

56. Tapirs – Like goats, but weirder

57. Pineapple

58. Poached eggs – used to hate eggs, but poached eggs have converted me.

59. Henley shirts – they’re just almost universally flattering

60. Long coats – also almost universally flattering


A Brief Fandom Tag

Stumbled across this online, thought it would be a fun thing to do for a casual post.

1. What’s your definition of a fandom?
My definition is pretty casual. If you enjoy something and occasionally indulge in going beyond experiencing the original medium (like listening to an album), you’re probably a fan. I think the whole group aspect of it is fairly creepy to be perfectly honest.

2. What was your first fandom?
Probably something like Harry Potter

3. List all of your fandoms!
Star Trek (mainly Voyager), Dragon Age, Final Fantasy, The West Wing.

4. On a scale from 1-10 how nerdy/crazy are you?
Maybe about a 6.
5. What is your favorite character to cosplay?
I don’t really cosplay, but I’d give Rogue from X-Men a go.

6. Fanfictions? Yes or No
Generally, no. I don’t mind fan fictions that explore what happens ‘between’ scenes or someone’s backstory, but they too often turn away from staying faithful to the source material for my taste.

7. What is the most recent thing you watched/read?
Got Star Trek Voyager open on Netflix in a different tab.

8. If you could choose ONE mystical place to go where would you go?
Gosh that’s a tough one. Probably Thedas if we’re basing it on places from fandoms.

9. Do you have a Tumblr?
Used to have one dedicated to coffee.

100 of My Favourite Things 2/5

Here’s part two of my 100 Favourite Things List. Literally just a list of things I really enjoy.

21. Lipstick
There’s a reason I collect these. Firstly, they’re a really easy type of makeup to use. Secondly, they can change an entire look. Thirdly, I’ll remain a staunch advocate for traditional lipstick when everyone is obsessed with the (in my opinion) overrated liquid lipsticks. Fourthly, you always look like you’ve made an effort if you’re wearing red lipstick.

22. Nail Art
It’s like regular nail polish but more fun. This is one I made years ago, obviously before the nails were cleaned up.

23. Scented Candles
I know they’re super basic, but man are they great for making you feel at home. There’s also something about just having candles around that makes you feel warmer in winter, even if the tiny flame does nothing to actually provide warmth. Plus, some of them have really creative designs. Coffee and vanilla make for a great combo.

24. Board Games
There’s apparently a Star Trek themed version of Catan out there and I want it so badly.

25. Productivity Tools
I’m a bit of a workaholic. Feeling productive and getting shit done is one of the best feelings in the world to me. Thus, anything that helps me be or at least feel like I’m being more productive is a plus in my book. I’ve recently started a bullet journal, have a whiteboard that is awesome for to-do lists, use a fitness app to track my steps and exercise, and I found Habitica really helpful during honours when I had similar things that had to be done each day.

26. Rieslings
I’m really boring when it comes to wine. I like rieslings, ideally with a low alcohol content and a good, balanced taste.

27. Tattoos
They are an amazing form of art, enhanced by being on a moving canvas. I’m super happy with most of mine and there’s only one I want removed (original artist butchered it and no amount of trying to fix it has been able to improve it much).

28. Blueberries.
Seriously the best type of berry out there.

29. Pinterest
Perfect for dreaming about things you can’t have, do inspiration boards, and come across ideas for projects.

30. Star Trek
It’s one of the shows that got me interested in politics. It also encourages intellectual and actual exploration far better than other shows I’ve seen. Furthermore, it’s not afraid to be what it is. It’s a sci-fi series and has fun with it. My personal favourite is Voyager, followed by TNG.

31. SkinFood
How this brand hasn’t taken the west by storm yet is a mystery. It has some awesome skincare products and some pretty cool makeup products. I love their hand creams, this one smells of dark chocolate and makes for a fun little keepsake on my desk.

32. True Crime Youtube
I’ve always been into things that are a bit creepy and weird. The reason why I watch a fair number of true crime youtubers is that I find they’re often more respectful to the victims than many ‘documentaries’ that are designed for shock value. I’m especially fond of Rob Dyke and Cayleigh Elise’s works.

33. The X Files
It’s a good show. Kinda wish I’d gotten into it when I was younger, but it was always on super late. Well worth watching even if the technology dates the show quite a bit.

34. Disney Songs
Want a mood booster? Try Disney. There’s also several good metal covers of Disney songs out there and I absolutely adore it when those two genres are combined well. It’s Disney, you’re meant to have fun with it.

35. Fairy Lights
They’re just really pretty. Got a battery driven string of fairy lights in a jar in the office, makes going in to work on weekends feel a bit more cheerful when you switch that thing on.

36. Johnny Cash
I don’t just listen to metal and Disney songs. Sometimes, I like things that are a bit more old fashioned. That really is how I like to assess the quality of music, if it’s still good years later despite the change in trends and wider social patterns.

37. Equestrian Sports
Far more challenging (mentally and physically) than they’re given credit for. Similar to dancing – it only looks easy if you’re really good at it. Similar to swimming, you get out what you put into it. Sure, you can splash around in the water without breaking a sweat and you can go on a quiet trail ride without much effort. Put some effort in and you’ve got a hell of a workout going. Add to that the fact that horses are sentient beings who sometimes decide to give you a hell of a workout even when you don’t want to.

38. Cheese
This should really be a food group of its own. No matter if it’s just shredded cheese over noodles, or a high-quality cheese platter, I’m a fan.

39. Wrap dresses
It’s essentially a bathrobe that is super comfortable and flattering as hell. Not to mention acceptable to wear in public. These really need more appreciation.

40. Lounge pants
Lounge pants and an old t-shirt are my favourite things to wear when I’m at home not doing anything. Think Geek have some amazing lounge pants, just make sure to buy the unisex model and not the men’s version (unless you’re into having a hole in the front of your pants).

Lip Product Addict Tag

It’s not a secret that I own a lot of lip products.


1. Favorite balm/treatment
I recently bought a balm from Notoriously Morbid that is just amazing. It feels great and has a caramel scent to it.

2. Best eye-catching red
Do you even need to ask? It’s the fantastic Guerlain lipstick I rave about several times a month. The shade is called Garconne and it is perfection.
3. Best luxury & best drugstore
Well, the luxury one is listed under number 2, you can also go for Besame’s red colours. Red velvet is a winner. For best budget, I’d say TonyMoly’s clicksticks are solid. Best drugstore is probably MaxFactor’s giant pen sticks.

4. Best MAC lipstick
No. I have never tried a MAC lipstick that I’ve liked. I’ve tried three in different colours and different lines, do not see why they are praised. Average at best.
5. Most disappointing
Those three MAC lipsticks. I expected them to be revolutionary and they were ordinary. Oh and that “lipstick” from Lipstick Queen that was meant to adapt to you and create a shade that made your teeth look whiter. It was a glorified 36 dollar lip balm. Not worth it.

6. Liner- yes or no?
No. But on the rare occasions when I do, I use liners from ColourPop

7. Best gloss
I don’t wear gloss. I can’t stand the feeling.

8. Something extra
These tints. They are glorious and cost like 6 bucks. Wear a lip balm over them for a smooth feeling.

Perfect Palette Tag

wpid-20151109_130935.jpgThis tag was really popular on youtube a while back and I thought I’d give it a go. I’ve only gotten into eyeshadows the last year or so, so I’ve only recently begun to try different palettes. See, eyeshadow is not like lipstick. You actually need to have someone tell you what to do to make it look good. Combine this with the genetic curse that is hooded eyes and you can see why it took me a while to get into it. Seriously, where would we all be without youtube tutorials?

Anyhow, you’re not here for me rambling, you’re here for palettes.
I’ve added a few categories that I thought would be helpful.

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Zombie Apocalypse Beauty Essentials

wpid-20151112_163230.jpgI really wish this had been around for Halloween but Coffee With Zoe recently created this tag after being inspired by the Walking Dead. Naturally, the idea isn’t to create an actual look for the apocalypse or to create the illusion that we’d honestly care that much about our appearance when running for our lives. Instead, it’s about trying to think about what you truly value among all your products.

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