Rebuttal: TotalBiscuit’s Commentary on Microsoft & Sony’s E3 Conferences

TotalBiscuit is one of the few YouTuber’s who is often able to change my opinion. He is a video game critic I have immense respect for, but this time I was not persuaded.

Before I truly begin my rebuttal, I’d like to point out that I am indeed biased towards Sony. I currently have a PS2 and a PS3 (even a PSP), I cried with happiness when I watched the PS4 E3 press conference, and when I got a tattoo to symbolise my love for gaming, I chose the Playstation symbols. This blogpost is not about which company ‘won’ E3, but about the nature of console players.

The main issue IĀ find with TB’s commentary is that it is very much a PC gamer’s analysis of the world of consoles. There’s not necessarily anything wrong with PC gaming or the culture surrounding it, but there are fundamental differences between consoles and PCs. There are two primary points where I believe TB’s commentary misses the mark this time.

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