Products That Have Grown On Me


Sometimes, it’s nice when you’re wrong. These are a few of the products I’ve encountered that I couldn’t stand at first, but that have grown on me.

Guerlain is one of my favourite brands, but because of how expensive they are, it’s pretty rare that I buy things from them. Thus, when I do spend my hard-earned dollars on one of their products, it better be good. Their Météorites Baby Glow product just did not seem to work for me when I first tried it. It was way too red and just didn’t seem to cooperate with my skin. However, the shade suddenly seems to be a near perfect match. Maybe it’s because my hair colour is changing or something, but it suddenly works. This product has gone from being one of my greatest disappointments to being one of my go-to products for everyday use.

KvD’s Bullet Lipsticks – You may have heard that all of the KvD bullet lipsticks are being reformulated and if I’d heard that months ago, I would have cheered. However, I’ve kinda grown to like them. I think the turning point was when I figured out that they were easily defeated by oil/greasy foods. Provided you stay away from that, they perform wonderfully. I still hate that the lids tend to come off if you look at them too intensely (or for no apparent reason). But some of these lipsticks are now products that I use on a regular basis, and I’m especially fond of the shade Chula. Let’s just say I’m kinda nervous about the new formula.

MAC – Viva Glam Rihanna (Frost). I’m not a big fan of mac. They’re overpriced, overhyped, and simply overrated. I’ve yet to find a MAC product that I genuinely love. This lipstick is the closest I’ve gotten. I’ve gone from thinking it was an absolute waste of money to thinking it’s alright. Not praising this one as much as the others, because it’s still only an (at best) fairly good lipstick that is still overpriced and overhyped. However, I don’t regret buying it anymore.

Colourpop Sculpting Stix in the shade Dove – I’m not massively into contouring. I find that it tends to look unnatural, unflattering, and muddy. It’s really hard to find contouring products for pale skin that are suitable for a more natural and subtle contour. However, this is one of the few products I’ve found that actually works. At first, I found that it either did nothing or looked clownish. But after spending a fair amount of time working with the product, I think I’ve figured out how to make it work.

Josie Maran Argan Oil – When my hair is in a decent condition, this product does nothing for me. But when my hair is having a bad time and looking worse than normal, it’s a lifesaver. So it helps revive my hair, but doesn’t improve the quality if my hair is already in a good condition.

Sacha Matte Face Powder – Nude Beige. This product is simply too dark for me to be able to use it as a regular powder foundation or all-over face powder. It’s not a bad product, just a poor match. That’s hardly surprising given that the brand normally targets women of colour, so it was more of an “ah well, guess that’s to be expected” case rather than “wow, this is so disappointing” one. What it does work for is when it’s combined with a foundation that is just a little too pale for me. It helps balancing it all out and means that I can now wear BB cremes that are just a little bit too light.


Lip Product Addict Tag

It’s not a secret that I own a lot of lip products.


1. Favorite balm/treatment
I recently bought a balm from Notoriously Morbid that is just amazing. It feels great and has a caramel scent to it.

2. Best eye-catching red
Do you even need to ask? It’s the fantastic Guerlain lipstick I rave about several times a month. The shade is called Garconne and it is perfection.
3. Best luxury & best drugstore
Well, the luxury one is listed under number 2, you can also go for Besame’s red colours. Red velvet is a winner. For best budget, I’d say TonyMoly’s clicksticks are solid. Best drugstore is probably MaxFactor’s giant pen sticks.

4. Best MAC lipstick
No. I have never tried a MAC lipstick that I’ve liked. I’ve tried three in different colours and different lines, do not see why they are praised. Average at best.
5. Most disappointing
Those three MAC lipsticks. I expected them to be revolutionary and they were ordinary. Oh and that “lipstick” from Lipstick Queen that was meant to adapt to you and create a shade that made your teeth look whiter. It was a glorified 36 dollar lip balm. Not worth it.

6. Liner- yes or no?
No. But on the rare occasions when I do, I use liners from ColourPop

7. Best gloss
I don’t wear gloss. I can’t stand the feeling.

8. Something extra
These tints. They are glorious and cost like 6 bucks. Wear a lip balm over them for a smooth feeling.

30 Days of Products – MAC Midnight Mambo


This is a MAC lipstick I picked up a little while ago. It’s from their Mineralize series and the shade is called Midnight Mambo.

Given how much the community likes raving about MAC lipsticks, I expected to be impressed. However, the colour does not look like this on your lips. It’s not the electric, eccentric, energetic shade of purple that it appears in the tube. Instead it’s a pretty tame purple/pinkish lipstick. The kind of old lady pink you really don’t want. Sure, it can look good if combined with clothes in cool undertones, but it’s not…exciting.

It feels good on your lips, I’ll have to give it that. It’s also pretty easy to apply and the product itself is in a shape that makes it easy to work with. It’s just not very pigmented, so you’ll need to apply more than one layer.

As a natural consequence of having to apply multiple layers, there will be excess product on your lips. If you press your lips against a tissue, you’ll be back to the problem of a lack of pigmentation. If you hope for the best, you’ll find that it’s just waiting to go places.

Although it wasn’t patchy after the breakfast test, a lot of the pigmentation had worn off. It still stains. A thin layer of old lady shine on the back of your hand. Charming.

After trying a total of three MAC lipsticks from different lines in very different colours, I’m still wondering why on earth people are raving about these lipsticks.

High End Haul

20151205_155144.jpgI’ve bought a few things lately. It’s not as bad as it looks because all of the Bobbi Brown and MAC products were heavily discounted.

Anyhow, I’ve spent money and thought I’d share what I bought.

On Monday, I dropped by Sephora in Melbourne and picked up three items. Firstly, the pomegranate mask that I can’t wait to try. I’m a big fan of sheet masks but haven’t been able to find any good western ones, so I’m hoping this will be a good option.
Secondly, I bought a hair product, which is unusual for me. From Percy & Reed comes Smoothed, Sealed & Sensational, which is a ‘volumising no oil for fine hair’. I honestly don’t have a clue how to use this product or what it’s really meant to do. But I intend on googling it and learning what I actually bought.

20151205_155435.jpgUsing lipsticks as away to move from one store to another… At Sephora I purchased a small sample lipstick from Estee Lauder, it’s their Pure Colour Envy Lipstick in 340 Envious. It’s the lowest of the swatches and I’m really impressed with it so far. It’s very pigmented, has a nice colour, nice texture, and it has a really nice scent.

The other two lipsticks shown here are from MAC and were purchased at a charity event at a local corporate Estee Lauder store. The red one (tube & colour) is their Viva Glam Rihanna Frost. It smells like fondant which is something I’m mildly bothered by. It required a few layers to look completely opaque and that’s something that worries me.

The second one is from their Mineralise Rich series and is called Midnight Mambo. I was really excited about this one since it in the tube looks like a really electric violet colour. Really hoped it would be one of those crazy statement colours you can wear when you want to bring out your eccentric side. Instead its rather sheer, which is not something I want from a lipstick. It also reeks of fondant. I don’t know why MAC gives their lipsticks this scent, but it’s horrible.


Here’s a lipgloss from Bobbi Brown called Crystal. It’s see-through with some glitter bits in it. I’m not usually a fan of lipgloss but I was able to get this one from 10 bucks and thought that would be a great chance to see if high end glosses are different from lower end ones. Who knows, maybe it will change my mind.

In the upper right corner is a powder blush from MAC that’s inspired the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Yes, that is why I bought it. It’s impossible to get a good photo of the colour, but it’s some sort of brownish deep purple colour that I probably should have looked at before buying it. I’m worried it will end up being too dark for my skin since it looks mildly… bruised when I swatch it on my arm. Hopefully it looks better on my face.

Lastly, there’s a compact foundation from Bobbi Brown. This colour is Warm Ivory. I love the packaging and it comes with an amazing sponge. I just tried this product and it appears to match me and feels pretty good. Heavy foundation is not something I use very often but I think this might be a good option for when my skin decides to hate me. I was able to get this product for only 20 dollars instead of the regular 70 or so, so it seemed a good opportunity to try something I normally wouldn’t buy without spending a fortune on it.

#30DaysOfLipstick Week One

We’re a quarter through this experiment and I’m already struggling to keep track of what I’ve worn and what I havenwpid-20150823_164446.jpg‘t. It’s fun though, it’s forced me to be a bit more creative with my makeup than I usually am and today is a sure sign of that.

Day 1: August 23rd

Wore a Loreal lipstick that looks extremely purple in the tube, I think it’s called violet chiffon but I know I specified that in a previous post.

wpid-20150824_103118.jpgDay 2: August 24t

Tony Moly’s Tony Tint Delight in 01.wpid-20150825_102110.jpg

Day 3: August 25th.
Used a pink cushion tint from the Saem. Horrible horrible photo

Day 3: August 26th
Forgot to take a photo but made a note that I used TonyMoly’s Crystal Lips Stick in Red.


Day 4:  August 27th
Wore one of MaxFactor’s flipsticks in deep purple and pink.

This is one of my favourite western lip products so you’ll probably see a full review of it sometime soon.


Day 5: August 28th
Wore a chapstick. Overslept so went without makeup.

Yes, I wore the same dress two days in a row, deal with it.


Day 6: August 29th
Wore another TonyTint, this time in 02 with NYX’s Mischievous lipstick over it to create a different effect.


Day 7: August 30th.
Today I went all out and wore a golden MAC lipstick, the one I bought at the Estee Lauder event. Also attempted to do my eyes but am still not good at it. My Kat von D liner had dried out, so I had to patch it up with the one I just got from Holika Holika. Am now in the middle of brunch and it feels like the lipstick has gotten patchy already. Might need to use a lip primer beneath it.

Haul: Estee Lauder Corporate Store Fundraising Event

Today I attended a fundraising event organised by Women’s Legal Service Queensland that was essentially “we’re selling tickets so that regular plebs can shop at discounted rates at this corporate store” but nicer and it helped raise funds for the Women’s Legal Service. They do a lot of family law and domestic violence cases, things like that.

wpid-20150815_111530.jpgIt started at approximately 10 am and so many people were there. The range was really decent even though some of it was limited in terms of the number of shades they had. I really didn’t expect it to be so versatile, so that was a pleasant surprise.
As always at events like this, it seems the best and worst in people truly comes out. Hardly the fault of the organisers.

This photo is from a really quiet moment at the event and I just wanted to show a bit what the store looks like. You all know I’m not usually a massive fan of western makeup brands, not because I find the quality horrible or anything but because I think they tend to be really overpriced. Thus a 40% or more discount event managed to make a lot of these products more appealing.

Brands sold at the store included Bobbi Brown, MAC, Estee Lauder, Clinique, DKNY, Tom Ford, Michael Kors, and more. Although I spent a fair amount I still feel I got the things I wanted without losing control over what I bought. There were a few people who probably spent most of their paycheck and walked away with 20+ products.

I ended up buying seven items, somehow they were all from Bobbi Brown and Mac. I’ve heard a lot of good things about both of those brands in the past but beyond my favourite Guerlain lipstick and a few high end foundations I’m usually really really sceptical when it comes to spending a lot of money on something you don’t know you’ll like.Read More »