Review: NYX’s Butter Lipstick

Brand: NYX
Product: Butter Lipstick
Shade: Big Cherry
Available: Target
Price: 11.95 AUD

First Impression: This thing is pigmented, really really pigmented. It’s also creamy but doesn’t feel heavy or oily on the lips. I’ve worn this a few times by now and I’m really happy with it. You’ll get a good 6-8 hours of wear out of this product and when it does fade, it fades evenly. It’s quite resistant to staining and easily survives coffee and a meal. Overall, it’s a really impressive lipstick.

Packaging: Lightweight plastic. Looks alright. Doesn’t fall apart in your bag. Gets the job done but won’t win any design awards.

Pros: High quality. Good price. Actually pigmented and long lasting. It’s really hard to find good drugstore reds, but this one is probably in my top 5 lipsticks at the moment. Also, NYX is cruelty free, which is always a bonus.

Cons: Not available from Target’s website, so you’ll need to buy it in store.

Would I purchase this again? Yup


Vintage Friendly Beauty Tips For Mature Women

One of the most common style myths is that individuality stops after 40. That we have 25 years at most to experiment before we ‘settle down’ style wise. I personally consider this to be utter nonsense. Let us have a look at some looks that are vintage friendly and made for mature women.

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Review: Kat Von D’s Studded Kiss Lipstick


I’m waiting for my new phone to arrive, so sorry about the poor quality of the photo. It’s a rich red shade with a golden shimmer.

Brand: Kat Von D
Product: Studded Kiss Lipstick
Shade: Adora
Price: 31 AUD
Available from Sephora

First impression: I’ve been looking for a red with golden shimmers and thus I was super excited when I came across Adora. I’d also been really keen to try some Kat von D products since they’re not too easy to come across in Australia. It has a nice feeling when you apply it and it falls somewhere in between a satin and a matte finish. It’s a very flattering shade that will suit a lot of people. It has a light scent that is rather sweet and reminds me of cake fondant.Read More »

New to Makeup: Vintage vs Pinup

I love both vintage and pinup styles, they’re some of the coolest styles out there. Personally, I’m more inspired by vintage than pinup but enjoy dabbling with both. This post is not meant to trash any of the styles, merely to outline the differences between them to clarify what the different styles mean.

Vintage style makeup aims to capture the essence of specific time periods and often seeks to replicate classic looks without changing them. Pinup is a more modern take on classical styles, often more dramatic than vintage. Personally, I think of vintage makeup as day makeup and save full pinup makeup for special events.

Which is easier for beginners?
Probably vintage, for one reason: Winged eyeliner. Winged eyeliner is a staple of pinup makeup and although pinup looks can be created without winged liner, it’s considered one of the main components of pinup style makeup. Genuine 1930’s and 1940’s looks seldom included a lot of eyeliner but focused on mascara instead.

What are the differences?
In general, pinup makeup is a bit edgier than vintage. The colours are often designed to pop and stand out a bit more than in vintage makeup. Eyeshadow is more commonly used in pinup makeup than vintage makeup and it’s often applied using more modern techniques. The winged liner is the greatest difference, it only saw limited use in vintage times but is embraced by the pinup community. Pinup makeup takes greater liberties with colour in general and isn’t afraid to try new combinations and textures. They’re quite similar when it comes to foundation, but the pinup style seems to favour full coverage matte foundation while the vintage style often features lighter coverage and a powdered finish.

Do I have to pick one or the other?

Of course not, a lot of people’s makeup looks fall on a spectrum. Like I said in the introduction, I often save pinup makeup for special occasions or events. In general, I’d say pinup makeup offers more options while vintage makeup is a bit more ‘strict’. That being said, no one is going to crucify you if you use a lipstick with a texture that didn’t exist in the 1940’s. There are always “puritans” who have the opinion that their way of doing a certain style of makeup is the only way that style of makeup should be done. I typically ignore these people. Makeup is meant to be fun and shouldn’t feel like a burden or be so difficult to navigate that you wish you had a rule book.

Red Lipstick – New to Makeup

Red lipstick is quite possibly the most iconic type of makeup there is. It is a staple in classical, vintage, and modern makeup. In other words, it deserves its own post.

So I put some of my lipsticks in my bag and headed to my local coffee shop to write. These are far from my only lipsticks, but they do illustrate a rather decent range of colours and types.

Here’s five things you need to know about red lipstick.

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Alternatives to Winged Liquid Eyeliner

Winged liquid eyeliner is as essential to a lot of people as foundation or a chapstick. It’s also hellishly difficult to get right. So in the interest of being beginner friendly in this series, I thought could discuss some alternatives to winged liquid eyeliner.

Here are four alternative looks that are similar to the liquid eyeliner look but that don’t actually include liquid eyeliner. Keep in mind that I have hooded eyes and that these looks have been adapted to work with that kind of eye.

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Retro Essentials: Last Minute Holiday Dresses

The holidays really are creeping up on us, and with less than a week to go there’s a chance anything you order online won’t make it to your front door on time. Therefor it is worth having a look at some mainstream stores to see if they can come to the rescue. Here’s 17 options from three pretty common stores.

Let’s have a look at what Target has to offer.
Firstly there’s this red strapless lace dress for about 50 dollars, available in sizes 6-20. It’s a classic fit that closely resembles some strapless numbers you’d find in rockabilly stores. With black heels and your hair up, you’ll easily be able to adapt this dress to your style. If you prefer longer dresses or a more casual fit, there’s this maxi dress available in navy or olive for the same price as the red dress. There’s also this strapless fit & flare dress in black and white available for 70 dollars.If you prefer something that’s classic, has sleeves, and a pattern that works all year around, try this black floral dress. If you’re a bit tired of all the christmas patterns but still want an elegant dress that’s classic and fit for the warmer seasons. Another dress that will work for almost any event is this polkadot dress with a discrete v-neck. If you’re like me and like anything that looks like a wrap dress, try this knee length mock wrap dress with 3/4 sleeves/

H&M may not be as readily available as Target, but since they’ve got a number of stores up it’s worth including them.
If you want something a little bit different, try this beaded kimono dress for 90 bucks. Want to try something really bold? This is a jumpsuit with a leopard print in light blue and pink. Perfect for anyone wishing to go all out rockabilly. Perhaps something simpler, like this classic white sleeveless dress for budget friendly 30 dollars. A classic option is anything off-the-shoulder, including this black long sleeved dress. There’s also this maxi halter neck with glittery fabric. Lastly, we have this satin number in a deep purple.

Forever New may be a bit pricey, but there does seem to be one in every mall and some of their clothes are quite nice. This v-neck black lace dress is a rather nice option for fancier gatherings, especially the kind that involves alcohol and music. A less extravagant option is this white dress with floral prints and a rather modest neckline. There’s this black off the shoulder dress that would have looked amazing on Bettie Page. This dress is also a classic style and the red works with the season.

Retro Essentials: DIY Gift Ideas

I’ve done one of these for beauty related gifts and another aimed at the male members of the community. This is meant to be the DIY version of that. I know I included the occasional DIY idea in the other lists, but this one is purely DIY.

  1. Candles in Cups
    Ok, it doesn’t have to be a cup. However, a cute coffee or teacup with a vintage design is a pretty common way of holding home made candles.
  2. DIY soap and dispensers.
    There’s plenty of formulas for home made soap out there and you should be able to find some of them with a quick search. Bar soaps work well for a vintage feel, but if you want to do something liquid, I’d recommend putting it in a cool or quirky bottle. Here’s an example
  3. Needlework
    Crafting is for natural reasons associated with the retro subcultures, especially the more vintage focused ones. Personally, I’m more likely to stab myself than I am creating nice needlework. However, if you enjoy this type of crafting, it can make for some awesome gifts. No matter if it’s a tea towel, a fabric shopping bag, or a pillow cover, it puts a personal touch to an otherwise bland gift. It doesn’t have to be the type of needlework you’d actually find on vintage items though. May I suggest a Storm Trooper?
  4. Perler Coasters
    This is like cross stitching for people who can’t handle needles. Perler’s create a similar structure to the pattern that you would get with cross stitching and they’re a lot faster to make in my experience. These ones may show a Pacman theme, but you can use any pattern you want. I’d even recommend looking at cross stitching patterns for inspiration.
  5. Personalised Gift Baskets
    This can include things like baked goods, preserves, home made beauty items (sugar scrubs are usually popular), or a Christmas survival kit as seen here. This can be as much or little DIY as you like, from just decorating the items to making everything from scratch.
  6. Personalised Kitchen Items
    Cutting boards, cheese platters (chalkboard), sharpie decorated coffee cups… There’s an endless length of options for items like this.
  7. Terrariums.
    No, not the kind that comes with reptiles. Or at least not live ones. More like this one
  8. Comic Book Crafts
    Comic books can be used to decorate almost anything, ranging from shoes to fake flowers to tables. Want a simple project? Try a cuff style bracelet.
  9. Budget Whiteboard
    Ok, so it’s not actually a white board. It’s decoratively framed note paper. It’s a good thing to keep in hallways to write messages to the family on, to keep on an office desk instead of Post Its. Decorate the frame in a typically vintage style or use more formal letter paper. A variant of this is to skip the class and turn it into a chalk board instead.
  10. Food
    Yes, this is basic. However, if you’re going to some sort of Christmas party, it’s worth talking to the person hosting it to see if they want you to bring anything. Hosting Christmas parties (or any other party really) can be really expensive, so decreasing their cost might be worth more than giving them a gift that’s nice but that they don’t need. Include the recipe on a hand written card or note, put it in nice packaging and you have a gift ready to go.